Switch 2 reportedly pushed back to 2025 to avoid major headaches for fans

Rebecca Hills-Duty
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Rumors and speculation continue to swirl regarding Nintendo’s next console. A new leak from a respected Japanese publication claims we won’t see the Switch 2 for a while yet.

A great deal of speculation on the supposedly upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 has already taken place. Many Nintendo fans are excited and hoping that an official announcement will happen soon, but a new leak from one of Japan’s most respected economics publications might indicate that there might still be a while to wait.

Previous indications were that Nintendo intended to launch the follow-up to the Switch in the Fall of 2024, though some journalists found information suggesting the console release had been pushed back to March 2025. The latest leak appears to confirm this, especially coming from a trusted publication like Nikkei.

Switch 2 launch pushed back to beat resellers

The Nikkei is one of the largest financial news publications in the world and has a history of providing reliable leaks from industry insiders. The report does indicate that Nintendo is pushing back the release not only to give developers more time with the hardware in order to create top-tier games ready for launch but also for another reason.

If the leak is accurate, Nintendo fans will have a reason to rejoice despite the delay, as one of the reasons reported for the alleged delay is that measures are being taken in order to prevent resellers from grabbing up all the available stock and selling it for inflated prices. This will be a relief to many console gamers, who will recall the headaches of trying to buy a Switch at launch.

In addition, the report indicates that the Switch 2 will have a larger screen than the current Switch at 6.2 inches, and it will be able to handle games with higher definition image quality.

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