Nintendo President shuts down “inaccurate” Switch 2 rumors

Scott Baird

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has publicly stated that the Nintendo Switch 2 rumors are “inaccurate” as part of the company’s financial earnings report.

There have been many rumors about the successor to the Nintendo Switch, as the console has been on the market since 2017 and is nearing the end of its lifespan. The Switch managed to avoid a mid-cycle hardware upgrade (as the OLED Switch only has a nicer screen), so a successor should be on the cards.

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Nintendo has been coy about making statements regarding a new Switch, especially as the current system still has games coming out for it. There have been hints that a Nintendo Account will be key to the next system, but there’s also been no official announcement that it actually exists.

Most recently, there have been reports of a patent made by Nintendo for a dual-screen device, which fans suspect could be the design for the Switch 2, as it would allow DS and 3DS games to be released on the system, something that isn’t possible on the Switch.

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nintendo switch oled model being placed in dock with joycon controller in front.Nintendo

Nintendo President has denied Switch 2 Gamescom and dual-screen rumors

There have been a lot of leaks regarding the specifications of the Switch 2, and these have now been put to rest by Nintendo during the company’s latest financial earnings report. A machine-translated report by Mainichi features a statement by Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa on the matter.

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Furukawa states, “Rumors are circulating mainly on the Internet as if they were public information, but they are inaccurate.” He also addressed the rumors regarding the Switch 2 being shown at Gamescom, which he claims are “untrue.”

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When discussing the dual-screen patent, Furukawa states, “I applied with the understanding that (the patent information) would be made public. It does not mean that it will be installed in a product.”

Usually, if rumors like this are true, then executives won’t comment on them or will dodge the question. In this case, these are outright denials by the President of Nintendo, so fans should notice them.

There are many rumors about the Switch 2 coming from different sources, so there’s reason to believe that it’s coming, especially as the Switch’s upcoming first-party schedule is bare. Hopefully, players won’t have to wait long until Nintendo is ready to reveal its next console, and the speculation can end.

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