Elon Musk explains why Twitter users get rate limit exceeded error message

Carver Fisher
Elon Musk quit Twitter

With Twitter users experiencing a “rate limit exceeded” error message on their accounts, Elon Musk has explained why some users are losing access to Twitter and that it’s a “temporary” measure.

Twitter has grown to be one of the largest social media platforms on the planet. It’s home to many of the world’s biggest celebrities, influencers, and personalities and exists as a way for them to promote their content and put their opinions out there.

It also acts as an open forum — a way for users to discuss things with each other, give each other encouragement, or argue about a topic they’re passionate about. As such, it should be no surprise that active Twitter users go through hundreds if not thousands of posts daily.

Now, many Twitter users have reported getting a “rate limit exceeded” message, and were left wondering why they couldn’t access the site. Twitter Owner and CTO Elon Musk has since explained that it’s an intentional and temporary measure to cut down on “data scraping and system manipulation”.

Elon Musk announces restrictions on Twitter traffic

Though Elon Musk has since given up the CEO title and put Linda Yaccarino in that position, he’s still a massive figure when it comes to the social media site. He appears to still be heavily involved in its development and decisions made by the company.

In his latest announcement, Elon Musk confirmed that the “rate limit exceeded” message many frequent Twitter users are getting is intentional.

Though verified users are curious about how long it’ll take to read through that many posts, unverified users have felt the brunt of this.

TwitterDown is trending on the platform, with many users wondering why they can’t read more posts or asking why they can see Twitter while their friends can’t.

Elon has clarified that these limits are temporary, but it’s yet unclear how long it’ll be until this limit are lifted. There’s also been a fair bit of backlash against the former Twitter CEO from non-verified users for them having to pay to access more posts on the platform, with people saying things like “more and more limits [won’t] fix the problem.”

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