Best PSVR 2 accessories in 2023: Mats, charging stations & more

Joel Loynds
best psvr 2 accessories

Got your new PSVR 2? Well, as with any new modern gaming thing, there’s always room for some accessories. Here are the best ones we’ve found so far.

With the PSVR 2 only being out for a short while now, it’s quite weird to see accessories not already littering Amazon. As a majority of the accessories for the previous PlayStation VR headset are now obsolete or don’t work with the new hardware, it’s time to find some more options.

Best case for the PSVR 2: Zyber hard carrying case

There are plenty of cases already available, thanks to the PSVR 2 not being much bigger than the competition that’s already out there. While a little bulkier than the Meta Quest 2, it’s about the same size as something the Meta Quest Pro, or Valve Index. With this in mind, there are plenty of protective cases that can now be fashioned into the PSVR 2’s new home.

What you want to avoid is something that is clearly not going to give much protection, or offers material casing. If you go traveling and the case gets a spill or something on it, it’s just going to ruin the whole thing until you can properly clean it.

For the money, you’ll probably find that Zyber’s carry case will do you just fine, and the slick unassuming outer shell will stop it from theft if you do decide to go traveling with it.

Best PSVR 2 charging stand: Hastraith charging station

It’s probably one of the first things that always gets released whenever a new console launches: Those controller chargers.

They also usually house your hardware and keep things neat. Sony has an official version, but you can save a few extra dollars by going for the Hastraith charging station. It comes in at $25.99, rather than the $50 Sony is selling its official version for.

Also, if you have Amazon Prime, you’re going to get it in under a day, rather than the standard shipping times that Sony sends everything out of the PlayStation Direct store.

Another option is a more robust one, that can take the headset as well. While it could look a little tacky on your shelf, having everything all bundled up in one corner is probably better than the naked PSVR 2 headset sitting alone.

Best VR Mat for PSVR2: ProxiMat

Setting the room’s boundaries can be a bit of an issue on any headset. After moving desks, coffee tables, and all the other sorts of trip hazards, you don’t want the games to recognize the whole space. A tighter play area will reduce the risk of causing yourself a little harm or a badly stubbed toe.

VR mats seem like a daft entry, but they’ll save shins and more as you play, or stay longer in virtual reality. It’ll also indicate to those around you that you’re playing, and not to step into the area.

While we wouldn’t say to put a baby gate around it as well, if you’re particularly clumsy, maybe some soft play cubes would come in handy.

We recommend the one from Corn Electronics, but you can also get some bigger – or smaller – ones than the 41 inches it comes in on Amazon. A well-loved one is the 35-inch ProxiMat.

Best headsets and headphones for the PSVR 2

We’ve discussed this further in detail in its own article, but we fully recommend grabbing some replacement headphones for your PSVR 2. The included earbuds might be fine in the short term, but you deserve to have the best experience at any time.

Our recommendations include things like the JBL Quantum TWS for earbuds, but also our favorites from the bounty of headsets available elsewhere.

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