PS5 gets big Discord upgrade but you won’t be able to use it yet

Sourav Banik
an image of PS5 and Discord logos on a blue background

Sony has confirmed a new update is coming for PlayStation 5 that will allow you to join Discord voice chats directly from the console.

On June 13, 2024, PlayStation posted a video that confirmed the news and said the update will start rolling out “over the coming weeks.” At the time of writing, there’s no such news for the PlayStation 4.

This update will start with Japan, then other Asian regions, and will eventually spread to the rest of the world – starting with Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and lastly the Americas.

This new way of joining Discord voice chats means you don’t have to rely on the smartphone app to initiate the connection.

On PCs, you simply open the app to connect to any voice channel of a server you’re in, and the process is going to be similar on PlayStation 5. This also includes direct voice calls on Discord.

Make sure you have your console updated to the latest version and your PSN ID is linked to your Discord account, or else you’ll miss out on this feature.

If you’re wondering how to connect your PlayStation account to Discord, check our guide right here.

How to join Discord voice chat on PS5 directly

To join a Discord voice chat directly on your PS5, simply:

  1. Head over to the PS5 Control Center.
  2. Select the Discord tab in Game Base.
  3. Choose the Discord server or DM group you want to join.
  4. Now, here you can select the voice channel you want to connect to.

You’d also be able to see who else is present in the voice channel at that time. If your friend calls you over Discord, you’ll get a notification on your PS5 as well.

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Remember, this feature has yet to roll out across all regions, so be sure to check when your region is officially supported.