RESPAWN launches FaZe Clan branded gaming chairs

Respawn and Faze Clan's FLEXX gaming chair.Respawn/FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan and RESPAWN have announced a chair specifically made to bring ergonomic comfort and a fresh take on esports influenced style.

Respawn has been one of the leaders in gaming-related products for quite some time and this new crossover with the iconic FaZe Clan brand is sure to make waves among the organization’s fans.

For FaZe, they’ve had all kinds of signature products in the past – clothing, controllers, and so much more – but now their legion of followers can share another part of the gaming experience with the creators that make up their favorite team with the debut of both the RESPAWN FLEXX FaZe Clan Edition and RESPAWN 110 FaZe Clan Edition gaming chairs

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FaZe Clan and RESPAWN pair up for new signature gaming chairs.

In the official announcement provided to Dexerto, this line of chairs was given a glowing review by FaZe Halo player Falcated, who praised it for keeping him comfortable in the long hours of practice it takes to be a top player in esports. “I’m able to put in the work all day while feeling comfortable the whole time.”

FaZe’s Senior Art Director Erick Rodriguez also spoke about how this chair unifies gaming and comfort by explaining a few elements of its unique design.

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“This collection uses a pattern that was developed by creating a unique set of icons that represent the badges and rankings commonly found in gaming culture,” he said.

Respawn and FaZe Clan gaming chair.RESPAWN/FaZe Clan
Two of RESPAWN’s chairs are getting a FaZe-themed makeover with the release of e RESPAWN FLEXX FaZe Clan Edition and RESPAWN 110 FaZe Clan Edition.

Of course, this partnership also amplifies the existing connection between Respawn and FaZe, as the organization was already partnered with the brand prior to this.

While gaming chairs are a dime-a-dozen in the modern entertainment landscape, the two brands hope that this collaboration will support their shared goal of “creating impactful content and providing every type of gamer access to a comfortable gaming setup.”

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