Leaks claim RTX 4090 Super & Titan are coming but there’s a catch

Rebecca Hills-Duty

New rumors suggest that the Nvidia RTX 50 series might be delayed, with 4090 Super and Titan cards being prepared to cover the gap.

Not everything is going quite according to plan over at Team Green if the latest rumors are to be believed. A leak by a YouTuber suggests that the highly anticipated Blackwell architecture GPUs have seen a schedule slip back to 2025, and Nvidia is planning on releasing an RTX 4090 Super and Titan graphics card to tide customers over until then.

The leak comes courtesy of RedGamingTech on YouTube, also known as RGT. He claims that the next-generation RTX 50 series GPUs are being pushed back to 2025 and that Nvidia is already testing an RTX 4090 Super as a direct response to the delay.

Also included in the rumor was a suggestion that Nvidia might resurrect the RTX Titan, another card said to be built using the AD102 chip used in the standard RTX 4090.

Leaked specs for RTX 4090 Super and RTX Titan

Oddly, the suggested specs for the supposed RTX 4090 Super are not that far removed from the standard RTX 4090, with only 1,024 more CUDA cores, but better memory bandwidth, faster VRAM, and an increase in the size of the L2 cache. RGT says this will equate to roughly a 10% increase in performance than the current RTX 4090.

The RTX Titan, meanwhile, is said to boast 1,792 more CUDA cores than the RTX 4090, with double the VRAM to bring it up to 48GB. It is not known at this stage what performance increase this would equate to, but the considerable boost in VRAM could improve the performance figures for many games and applications.

Many of the details are unclear at this point, and as with all rumors and leaks, readers should be sure to take everything with a pinch of salt until an official announcement is made.