Nvidia RTX 5090 specs leak show off ridiculously fast GPU

RTX 5090 stand-in GPU on green background with gaming PC wireframeNvidia

Nvidia’s next-gen RTX 5090 specs have been leaked, and it might be up to 1.7x faster than the RTX 4090, according to preliminary rumors.

It barely feels like we’ve had time to sit with Nvidia’s RTX 40-series of graphics cards, but the rumor mill is spinning up once again for its Blackwell-based GPU offering, or the RTX 50-series. A new report from Videocardz showcases that the RTX 50-series might adopt the GB2XX naming for its chips, which will occupy both gaming and workstation GPUs.

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Panzerlied, a renowned hardware leaker posted on Chiphell forums that the successor to the RTX 4090, the RTX 5090 will house the following improvements:

  • 50% more cores
  • 52% more memory bandwidth
  • 78% cache increase
  • 15% clock speed increase
  • 1.7x performance boost vs RTX 4090

The post has since been deleted, but the leaked specifications remain. But, thanks to the original post, we have a good idea of what the RTX 5090’s preliminary specifications could be.

RTX 5090 leaked specifications

  • CUDA Cores: 24,576
  • Memory bandwidth: 1.53 TB/s
  • Cache: 128MB
  • Boost clock: 2.9 Ghz

If we take the statistics from the leak and then extrapolate them based on the RTX 4090’s specifications, we land at some extremely high numbers. Based on the numbers, the RTX 5090 might be the fastest gaming GPU once it is released.

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The RTX 5090 might be using GDDR7 memory, which will offer up to 32 GT/s. This means that the bandwidth of 1.53TB/s is more than achievable based on the overall bus width.

Secondly, the core clock speeds are nothing to be shocked by either, as some RTX 4090 overclocks also manage to reach these blisteringly quick speeds. But, one thing that remains to be a mystery is the CUDA core count. It’s possible that if Blackwell uses a chiplet-style design it might be able to achieve it, but on a single monolithic die, it will be slightly less likely.

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It’s still early

RTX 4090 heroNvidia

Be sure to take these first preliminary rumors with a grain of salt, as graphics cards are bound to change from now until their release, which is likely to be in the Fall of 2024. However, since this is the first thing that we’re hearing about the card, we might be able to see a few more leaks spring up in the coming months.

Again, these are just preliminary leaks, and nothing is officially confirmed until Nvidia shows off the chip for itself.

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