Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti has been scrapped according to leaker

Joel Loynds
rtx 4090 FE zoomed in on power plug

Known leaker Kopite7kimi has surfaced again with a new rumor that the 4090 Ti has been canceled by Nvidia.

Rumored to be launching in the next few months, the RTX 4090 Ti has apparently been shelved in favor of focusing on the next generation. Kopite7kimi is a renowned insider in the industry, with a history of impressively accurate leaks.

In two tweets, they have stated that the 4090 Ti has been canceled by Nvidia, as well as hinting at the potential power of an RTX 5090.

Nvidia canceling the RTX 4090 Ti is a surprise, as the company often releases souped-up versions of their flagship cards as stop gaps.

The company’s 3090 Ti was lauded for actually bringing even more power to the table. The RTX 40-series, however, hasn’t been the best received.

Its midrange options are criticized for not offering enough of a jump in power, while the flagships are too expensive in comparison to the last generation. However, despite its price tag, the 4090 has been seeing a surprising price cut at Micro Center fairly recently.

Nvidia’s 40-series generation of cards has already seen one card unlaunched after the announcement, with the 4080 12GB model pulled before release after a negative reaction.

Nvidia 5090 could theoretically be twice as powerful as the 4090

It could be that Nvidia is planning to ride out the wave until they have a card that knocks the leading GPU, the 4090, out of the water. This is a very real possibility, as Kopite states that the next-generation GPU will feature a 512-bit bus.

Current rumors suggest that Nvidia and AMD are looking at GDDR7 VRAM for their next-generation GPUs. By allowing for the full potential of the RAM, at 32Gbps on the 512-bit bus, would double the power to a theoretical 2TB/s of bandwidth.