RTX 3090 Ti prices slashed by nearly $1000 as stock fails to shift

nvidia sale 3090 ti

As Nvidia considers delaying the RTX 40-series into 2023, companies have begun reducing the RTX 3090 Ti MSRP across multiple stores.

It’s looking like the RTX 40-series will not launch as expected, as Nvidia faces a supply chain and an abundance of stock issues on expensive GPUs.

Nvidia recently began to reduce the MSRP of their 30-series GPUs, in hopes that they’d be able to shift units that are currently not moving after the massive cryptocurrency tumble earlier in 2022.

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As crypto is one of the biggest purchasers of GPUs, Nvidia has to face far cheaper competition in the newly flooded used market, as ex-investors try to recoup their losses.

Working with their partners, the most powerful consumer card currently available, the 3090 Ti, is getting its price reduced to something a little more palatable.

At Best Buy, the 3090 Ti variants from Nvidia and different brands have been slashed up to $800.

Is it worth buying an RTX 3090 Ti in 2022?

The thing is, right now, there’s a lot of speculation around the power coming from the 40-series. We already know for a fact that it’ll be drawing a tonne of power, especially on the top end for the 4090.

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However, the 4070 should be on par with the 3090 in some capacity, as multiple reports have come out surrounding it. However, the release of this card could still be a ways off. Recent leaks have indicated that the 4080, 4070 and 4060 won’t be launching with the 4090, which will potentially have to solo a head-to-head with AMD’s lineup later this year.

If cryptocurrency also suddenly takes off again, it could have a knock on effect on prices. The 3070 reached astronomical prices during its time on shelves, with the prices still not settling properly to MSRP.

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This deal though, the 3090 Ti being nearly $1000 off in some cases, is a steal. While the 4070 has the potential for similar power and being cheaper, if you want to upgrade today, there’s no better time to.

You will need a solid power supply for the 3090 Ti, which we recommend the EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G+, 80 Plus Gold 1000W.

This should, hopefully, future-proof you if you decide to upgrade to the 40-series.

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