Nvidia RTX 50-series set for 2025 release according to leaks

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A fresh leak has revealed Nvidia’s roadmap for its graphics cards, including the future RTX 50-series GPUs.

In an announcement of results to the ML Commons, a machine learning alliance featuring companies like Baidu, Google, and of course, Nvidia, Team Green showed off its future plans for hardware.

As reported by HardwareLUXX (and translated via DeepL), the leaked roadmap shows give a timeline for Nvidia’s upcoming hardware releases. There’s no direct mention of the RTX 50-series outright, but a new chip, “Ada Lovelace Next” is on show.

HardwareLUXX Nvidia Roadmap

The current generation, RTX 40-series GPUs are built off of Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture, and we’re assuming haven’t decided on a scientist’s name yet to apply to its next-generation tech.

Looking at the time between generations of GPUs, this would make sense. Ampere, the 30-series, launched in 2020, and Turing before it, in 2018. Ada Lovelace Next, the assumed RTX 50-series, is on the right path.

More hardware on the way for Nvidia including RTX 50 GPUs

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Interestingly, the other hardware on show also shows Nvidia’s ambitions outside of gaming. While gaming is the company’s bread and butter, it has recently hit a trillion-dollar valuation thanks to its booming AI business.

GPUs are core hardware for AI development, and early bets on this have made the company a fortune.

More recently, they’ve begun to develop CPUs for use in industrial projects and the timeline in the roadmap shows that the next version of that is also on the way.

2024 will presumably be business as normal for Nvidia. During the second year of the GPUs, Team Green will release revisions under the Ti bracket. Currently, it’s expected that the 4090 Ti will launch next year.

Nvidia’s RTX 40-series has been met with positive reviews, but the generational leap outside of DLSS 3 has not been what was expected from the hardware. It also currently houses one of the most powerful GPUs, the 4090.

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