RTX 5090 rumor reveals Nvidia’s next flagship GPU will have dual-slot cooler

Rebecca Hills-Duty
RTX 5090 stand-in GPU on green background with gaming PC wireframe

The RTX 5090 will utilize a dual-slot cooler, states leaker Kopite7Kimi, which is a huge departure from the 3.5-slot RTX 4090.

Rumors and leaks about Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 50 series graphics cards continue to circulate. One of the recent sources of discussion has been regarding the cooling solution for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 5090 Founders Edition. Trends from previous generations have led some analysts and consumers to believe that Nvidia’s new flagship GPU will be a four-slot monster, but a new leak suggests this will not be the case.

One of the most reliable Nvidia leakers, Kopite7Kimi claims that the RTX 5090 Founders Edition will feature a dual-slot cooler. This was in response to a question on X/Twitter where a user asked if the RTX 5090 would use a bulky 4-slot cooler originally designed for the unreleased RTX 4090 Ti.

Size comparison of Nvidia GPUs

Kopite later clarified that the dual-slot cooler design would mean the RTX 5090 Founders Edition would use only two fans.

This speculation about cooler size is likely derived from a previous Kopite7Kimi leak that suggested the RTX 5090 Founders Edition will use a radical new board layout, consisting of three sections for the Mainboard, I/O board, and PCIe slot.

Addressing the question of whether or not Nvidia will be switching to a chiplet configuration for its next generation of GPUs, Kopite7Kimi was once again on hand to confirm that Nvidia is sticking with monolithic GPU dies for the Blackwell series.

According to Kopite, the GB202 chip uses a physically monolithic design. This is believed to be the chip that will power the RTX 5090. If the flagship continues to utilize monolithic dies, it is unlikely that other chips in the Blackwell series will deviate from this.