LG poised to reveal XR headset to do battle with Apple Vision Pro

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Unknown XR headset from LG

Since the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro several companies have announced their intention to follow suit. LG is the latest to say it will have a new XR device out next year.

The announcement of the Apple Vision Pro and the success of the Meta Quest 3 has shaken up the immersive technology industry, which had fallen somewhat into a rut after the early achievements of devices like the Oculus Quest. LG Electronics is the latest big tech company to announce a new XR device, which is set to be released in 2025.

The news came via the South Korean news website The Guru (Via UploadVR), which interviewed the CEO of LG, Cho Joo-Wan. According to Cho, the development of the XR, or ‘eXtended Reality’ device is being handled by the division that usually makes TVs. This is said to be ‘speeding up development’ with a plan for the device to be released sometime in 2025.

Are LG in partnership with Meta?

Previously, it had been reported that Meta had been in talks with LG regarding OLED display technology for use in VR and XR headsets and there have also been reports that Meta and LG were working together on a new version of the Meta Quest Pro. Some leaks have suggested that this new Meta Quest Pro is planned for release in 2025, with a price point of roughly $2000, which would align with information revealed by the LG CEO in a recent interview.

meta quest pro

This is combined with news that LG is a customer for Qualcomm’s new high-end XR chipset, the XR2+ Gen 2, which seems to suggest that the upcoming headset from the electronics giant will be geared towards the high-end of the market to compete with the Apple Vision Pro.

To be clear, however, much of this remains rumor and speculation as LG has not yet revealed any official details on the headset other than its existence. All else should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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