Intel 14th Gen CPUs are looking ridiculously powerful

Joel Loynds
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Intel’s 14th-gen processors are on the way, and as we draw closer to an official announcement, more leaks are starting to appear. Some of the newer chips are looking incredibly powerful.

Intel’s Raptor Lake showed that Team Blue still has it in the power department, with its lineup offering a smattering of high-end power and decent budget-conscious hardware. However, nearly a year on, Intel is gearing up for its next refresh.

The next generation of Intel CPUs, going by the name Meteor Lake, have yet to be properly detailed by Intel. But, that hasn’t stopped newshounds like RedGamingTech from compiling a list of specs rumored to be included with the latest CPUs.

According to the report, Intel could be jumping up the power on these CPUs to a degree that 6.2GHz could be very feasible on the super-high-end chips. That’s without any special precautions, and just using a boost clock.

New cores could push Intel 14th gen CPUs further than before

These speeds will be backed by even more powerful cores, which Intel reportedly seems to be cramming into the CPUs in a bid to beat AMD. As of right now, the rumored specs mention that these will be the core counts, and how the cores will be split:

CPUCore Split
i9-14900/K/F8p + 16e2432
i7-14700/K/F8p + 12e2028
i5-14600K/F8p + 8e1624
i5-145006p + 8e1420
i5-14400/F6p + 8e1420

The biggest changes here are that Intel is giving the mid-range CPUs in the i5 category some much-needed love. These will see an increase of an additional four cores on the i5-14600K/F, while the i5-14400 is expected to get the same treatment.

Meanwhile, the i7 and i9 chips will see further performance gains thanks to the new additions. While the core counts aren’t changing – as far as we know – the performance behind them certainly is. Moore’s Law is Dead, a PC news podcast, is reporting that 14900K could hit 6GHz with its boost clock compared to the 5.8GHz on the 13th gen Intel chips.

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