Intel 14th gen CPUs might get released in 2023, with a catch

Intel 13th Gen Raptor LakeIntel

Intel’s 14th-generation desktop CPUs will be released in 2023, according to a new report. However, the CPUs in question will also feature a refresh of the company’s Raptor Lake SKUs, too.

You cannot even blink without a new CPU release on the horizon, and it looks like Intel’s 14th-gen CPUs will be arriving sooner rather than later. However, according to the latest reports, it appears that some of the 14th-gen CPUs will also include a refreshed 13th-gen lineup, too.

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The leak regarding the classification of the 13th-gen refreshed CPUs comes courtesy of Weibo leaker “Golden Pig Upgrade”, who claims that the Raptor Lake refresh, planned for 2023, will in fact be branded 14th-generation.

CPUs under a generational banner have previously been split by a mobile and desktop architectural difference, and it might be the same thing happening here. New Intel laptops might be based on Meteor Lake, whereas desktop SKUs might be based on Raptor Lake, instead.

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These upcoming CPUs are pipped to be compatible with existing motherboards, and there may be more technical improvements under the hood to take the fight to AMD, which currently holds the power crown for best gaming CPU after the release of the Ryzen 7 7800X3D.

Are Intel’s 14th gen Meteor Lake CPUs headed for desktop PCs at all?

Intel CPU on Blue backgroundIntel

Right now, we expect that the new architecture will come to desktop platforms in the future. The company might just be waiting a little bit longer to ensure that Meteor Lake is working correctly before releasing a consumer CPU, and settling for a Raptor Lake refresh in the meantime to tide them over.

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However, Intel will be up against an incredibly bold AMD, whose Zen 4 CPUs are beginning to gain some traction.

Intel could reveal all of its official plans at its “Intel Vision” event, currently planned for May 8-10. This alleged strange move might be justified, or completely demystified.

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