How to turn off your PlayStation 5

Joel Loynds
playstation 5 with "turn it off" next to it

Can’t figure out how to turn your PlayStation 5 off? Well, here’s how to do that so you don’t have your console on, or use sleep mode at all times.

It might seem like something that shouldn’t need a guide, but the PS5 is a console that has a few confusing design choices.

There are a few ways to turn off your PlayStation 5 and it all starts by getting off of the couch and wandering over to the console.

Use the front buttons on the PlayStation 5 console

Bend down and look directly into the console’s face. Look at it deeply. Now, gaze over to the power buttons at the base end of the console and press them. This will turn off the device completely.

How to turn off a PS5 console with the controller

If you’re like us, and think getting off the couch is for shmucks, press and hold your controller’s Playstation button and a menu should appear.

Here, you can choose to either put the device in rest mode, which will let you immediately boot back into your game. There’s also a full power-off function in this menu, which is what we’re after.

Doing this will turn off all the resuming features and wake the console up from its slumber, will require to ‘cold boot’, which is essentially going from zero to one hundred.

How to turn off a frozen PlayStation 5

It’s not recommended that you unplug the device entirely if the system freezes, as you’ll be told off by the system OS when next booting up, as the console will need to check the integrity of the system to ensure there are no errors.

If your PlayStation 5 system has frozen entirely, press and hold the power button on the front of the console until it reboots. You’ll still find the check comes up when you reboot it, but you shouldn’t cause any damage to your system that could happen if you just yank the cable out.

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