Frozen cosplayer brings Disney to life as chilling Elsa

Disney Princess Elsa from Frozen next to cosplayerWalt Disney Pictures / Instagram: @icesnowqueencrystal_271

A talented cosplayer celebrated Disney’s Frozen with her incredible Elsa costume. The artist’s enchanting take on the popular princess will be sure to take fans’ breath away.

In 2013, Frozen took the world by storm with its heart-warming story and gorgeous animations. The Disney-produced project became an instant cultural phenomenon, and not only won an Oscar for Best Animated Picture but for its original song ‘Let It Go’ as well.

A cosplayer showed off her love for the popular movie by transforming herself into the lead protagonist Elsa with her insanely accurate costume. The artist gave fans of the film a look at what the icy princess would look like in real life with her mind-blowing recreation.

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Princess Elsa in Disney's FrozenWalt Disney Pictures
The 2013 Disney Princess is already a cinematic icon.

Frozen cosplayer wows as real-life Elsa

While Frozen has a vibrant cast of characters, its lead heroine Elsa instantly became an iconic Disney princess overnight. The beloved character in particular became a major hit with the cosplay community who love to bring the snow royalty to life.

Cosplayer ‘icesnowqueencrystal_271‘ shared her stunning take on the heroine in a series of posts on social media. In one gorgeous shot, the artist posed in Elsa’s iconic light blue dress. Her faithful recreation of the outfit even includes her signature white trimmed cape, as well as the sparkles that are scattered across her gown.

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Queen Crystal mirrored a scene from the film where Elsa holds out her hand to show off her icy abilities. Using incredible editing, the cosplayer hovers a giant snowflake above her fingers. The snow-covered palace backdrop ties the whole thing together, and the picture could easily be mistaken for a screenshot from the movie.

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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the artist also brought the character to life with a short TikTok video she uploaded in January. In the clip, she moves in the princess’s signature outfit before it cuts to various images of the Disney character which show just how accurate her costume actually is.

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Although releasing in 2013, Frozen had actually been a project in the works since 1937. Walt Disney made multiple attempts to adapt the story which is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s iconic fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’.

Despite taking decades before finally becoming a reality, the popular film has become one of the most successful animations of all time. After much hype and anticipation, the franchise finally got its sequel in 2019 which continues the adventures of Elsa.

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