Fortnite leak reveals GTA-style ‘Wanted’ system coming soon

fortnite leak wanted systemEpic Games

According to a new leak, developer Epic Games is building a Grand Theft Auto-style “Wanted System” for Fortnite.

The wanted system as a concept has been on the rise since GTA III took the world by storm during the PS2 era. Open-world games of all kinds continue to expand upon the model, with titles such as Skyrim even boasting bounty mechanics that track a player’s criminal behavior.

Racers have similarly dabbled in the idea over the years. The entirety of Need for Speed Heat revolves around the idea, as players find themselves facing off against a rogue task force.

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Soon, it may be time for battle royales to expand their horizons with dedicated wanted mechanics, as well.

Fortnite leak hints at an upcoming wanted system

Reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX has shared details from a data mine that hint at all-new mechanics for the battle royale. Apparently, the addition in question will come in the form of a “Wanted System.”

Information is sparse for the time being, but the leaker claims players will have the option to “Reduce Heat” by paying 100 Gold.

A poster accompanies the reveal from HYPEX, which possibly relates to a new quest and skin tied to the wanted mechanic.

Though details on Fortnite’s supposed wanted system are limited, the mechanic sounds similar to Grand Theft Auto’s wanted levels.

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GTA Online even features bribes that encourage cops to turn the other way with help from Lester Crest. It seems as though Fortnite will similarly allow players to pay their way out of trouble.

For now, it’s unclear who in-game will govern criminal activity. The types of behaviors that may increase wanted levels and what happens once players are caught also remain unknown factors.