How to turn off AirDrop on iPhone, iPad, and macOS


Wondering how to turn off AirDrop so you don’t get notifications for random videos from strangers across the street? We’ve got you covered with this handy guide.

Airdrop is a really useful tool, but if you have it set to open and accept anything from anyone, it can get irritating. If you know you’re about to board a flight or go into a class where someone is bound to try to prank you, here’s how to turn it all off.

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Turn off Airdrop on iPhone & iPad

Drag down on the far right corner of your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). This will bring up the Control Center, where you’ll see in the left-hand corner, a box with all the connections for your device. Press and hold in the dead center of it until it expands out.

Here, you can now press Airdrop to turn it off.

If you press and hold that Airdrop icon, you can then change who can send you things. If you have Apple ID-bound contacts, you can also set it to ‘Contacts Only’.

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That’s all there is to it, really. Turning it off does mean that you won’t be able to share between your devices yourself, so Contacts Only is a perfect in-between setting to use in this case.


On macOS, it’s pretty much the same deal. On the top bar, use the Control Center options (the toggle-looking icon) and you should see Airdrop. Press the little arrow that pops up next to it and you’ll be taken into the deeper menu.

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Here, it’s the same as iOS. Contacts Only, Everyone or off. Again, Contacts Only is the best option to keep the device available for sending images or things over from your iOS devices.

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