iOS update to add anti-stalking features to AirTags & more

Jitendra Soni
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Apple could soon add the much-awaited anti-stalking update for AirTags with the upcoming iOS 17.5 release.

The next iOS update, OS 17.5r, is set to add an important feature that will help reduce stalking and unwanted tracking. Once rolled out, users will be informed if they’re being tracked using an unknown AirTag or a similar tracking accessory.

According to the keen-eyed folks at 9to5Mac, who spotted relevant codes in iOS 17.5 beta, Apple has already added code for the function in the Find My app, enabling it to locate and disable unauthorized trackers.

The Find My app will warn users about a stalking device, but would need the user to manually disable them by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

One self-explanatory alert message in the source code reads: “This item isn’t certified on the Apple Find My network. You can disable this item and stop it from sharing its location with the owner. To do this, follow the instructions provided on a website by the manufacturer of this item.

While this feature has not yet been seeded to Beta users, it is expected to be rolled out with the “stable” release.

AirTags and similar tracking accessories are highly useful for tracking your luggage, pets, and other important stuff like keys, wallets, remotes, and more. However, the growing misuse of these nifty devices required an ability to alert users of unauthorized trackers sharing their location details without their consent.

This forced competitors like Apple and Google to come together to find a solution. Both companies have since been working to implement a universal tool that works with both iOS and Android. The interim solution only warns users of unidentified devices when registered on the Find My network.

However, with other manufacturers, like Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, Eufy, and Pebblebee, ready to come on board, we could soon see a robust platform that will identify trackers, and have a universal platform to disable them.

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