Gigabyte accidentally leaks RTX 4070 and 4060 graphics cards

Sayem Ahmed
RTX 4070 Ti Gigabyte Gaming OC GPU

The RTX 4070 rumors only continue to grow stronger as we march toward an expected April release, and Gigabyte has seemingly leaked the RTX 4070 and RTX 4060’s RAM configurations.

The RTX 40-series continues to grow larger, as the RTX 4070 inches towards an expected April release, the unannounced graphics card has seemingly been leaked by Gigabyte, as spotted by Videocardz. Alongside the RTX 4070 is the RTX 4060, a graphics card that we’ve not really heard much about until now.

According to the leaked images, Gigabyte’s latest update for its “Control Center” motherboard software has seemingly added support for two upcoming cards. They are listed in the update as follows:

  • GV-N4070AERO OC-12GS

These two graphics cards appear to be the RTX 4070, which will be the AERO model of the graphics card, while the RTX 4060 will be a much simpler “GAMING OC” model of the GPU. Furthermore, the leaked information confirms several vital elements surrounding the GPUs.

RTX 4070 & 4060 RAM capacity leaks – Is it enough?

RTX 4070 Ti Gigabyte Gaming OC vertical

According to Gigabyte’s leak, you should expect the RTX 4070 to ship with 12GB of GDDR6X memory, which is nothing new, but it finally confirms the capacity through an official source. Meanwhile, the RTX 4060 appears to be getting a meager 8GB of VRAM.

As modern gaming becomes more demanding, we see titles such as Hogwarts Legacy eat up VRAM. This issue caused many PC players to seek ways to optimize performance. While the game has since been patched, you can still observe high VRAM usage.

This then begs the question, is under 10GB of VRAM really worth it in 2023? VRAM bottlenecks are happening in cards just one generation old, and the RTX 40-series isn’t pushing the boat out too far when compared to AMD’s graphics cards, like the RX 7900 XT.

Only time can tell if the GPUs will hold up in the years following their release, but we would have liked to have seen a bit more memory from these brand-new GPUs.

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