Ex-Linus Tech Tips employee alleges mistreatment and poor conditions: “No one gets a break”

Sayem Ahmed
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Ex-Linus Media Group employee Madison Reeve posted a thread on social media regarding their alleged experience and the working culture at Linus Media Group, which is currently under fire for accuracy and ethical concerns.

Linus Tech Tips is currently facing scrutiny from Gamers Nexus and the wider community for accuracy and ethical concerns, which included auctioning a prototype item they did not own, as detailed in a viral 45-minute video published by Gamers Nexus. Also mentioned in the video were workplace conditions, which led to staff members making mistakes, or creating inaccurate content. Linus has since responded to the initial Gamers Nexus video.

Now, streamer and content creator Madison “Suop” Reeve has shared the alleged reasons why they left their role at Linus Media Group as Social Media Manager in a long and damning thread outlining her departure in 2021. They were hired following a memorable appearance on a previous LTT video, where Reeve appeared with Linus Sebastian after winning a competition. It remains Linus Tech Tips’ fifth most-watched video.

“I never publicly made any statements regarding my time there because I feared even more backlash from a community that was already attacking, defaming, and sending me death threats,” Reeve stated on her Twitter / X account, before posting that they would not “have recommended anyone I knew to work there, especially with my experiences as a woman in the office.”

Reeve continues to allege that they were called “incompetent” and attempted to get help from managers, but was rebuffed and told to be “more assertive.” Following this, they claim to have been pulled into a meeting, where they were laughed at.

Allegations of assault, sexism & inappropriate conduct at LMG

Following their attempts to receive help, Reeve alleges that they were “inappropriately grabbed multiple times” in the office, and barred from appearing in Linus Tech Tips videos.

“The opportunities LTT presented to me were nothing in comparison the day to day issues I faced,” Reeve continued, claiming she was met with multiple sexist remarks throughout the duration of their employment.

“I was asked about my sexual history, my boyfriends sexual history”, Reeve asserted, and said that certain issues at the company involved “sexual tension,” and that they should “take a co-worker out on a coffee date to ease it out”.

Furthermore, Reeve recounts that they were asked to “twerk for a co-worker” and called various slurs, but nothing ever came from reporting these incidents.

“It felt like a horrible teenage drama movie”

Reeve further claimed that she was reprimanded for taking sick days, which culminated in them committing an act of self-harm. “It was genuinely the only way in my mind to take a day off without being harassed for a reason why”, they stated, noting that after speaking to managers regarding their mental health, they were purportedly belittled and told they had “bad time management skills.”

“There are so many instances that led up to that moment. Some of them I have replayed over and over asking myself what did I do wrong, how could I have changed the situation? But I don’t think I could have,” Reeve continued, noting that after a co-worker reached out to them saying that the issues were not theirs, but the company’s.

Internal paranoia at LMG

Reeve further stated that there is an internal paranoia at the Linus Media Group that employees will leave, and begin their own content creation platforms.

The circumstances of her accepting the role were allegedly announced publicly before their knowing, in addition to her contract not lining up with what she had been told regarding personal projects in the role, which they had to move countries for.

“I am not stating what happened to me because I am seeking clout, I’m stating it because it has been eating away at me for 2 years,” Reeve said, before reiterating that there are talented people at LMG, but that the company is being stifled by “ego and a bottom line” which is hampering their work and “slowly destroying some of them and hurting the entire reputation of a company.”

Reeve’s grievances with LMG continue, as they claimed: “There are so many stories of horrible things and shows of ego that I witnessed while working there.” They continued to claim that Linus’ own statements are a “gross misrepresentation of what actually goes on behind closed doors”.

The ex-Linus Media Group employee concluded: “Please don’t attack individuals who don’t actually have power at this company, most of them are blameless or powerless to actually change anything.”

Linus Sebastian announced in May that he would be stepping down as CEO, and instead taking on another role at the company, but still remains the owner of Linus Media Group, alongside his partner Yvonne Ho.

LTT launching investigation into Madison’s allegations

Hours after a lengthy video response to the overarching LTT drama went live, the LTT Twitter/X account soon followed up with a specific response to ex-employee Reeve.

“We are taking Madison’s allegations seriously,” the post began. “We are conducting an internal assessment alongside bringing in a third-party investigator to look into the allegations.”

The team assured they will publish the results of the investigation and “implement any corrective actions that may arise.

“These allegations do not align with our company’s ethics or the values we preach internally. We aim to provide an inclusive work environment where everyone can feel comfortable and, more importantly, safe.”

If you have been affected by issues raised in this article, information and support is available from the Suicide Prevention Helpline 1-800-273-8255 (USA) or the Samaritans 116-123 (UK).

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