Linus Tech Tips issues full video response and halts production amid Gamers Nexus backlash

Sayem Ahmed
Linus Sebastian in an apology video

Linus Media Group has announced that all video production is on pause while the team works on “long-term workflow changes” in a new video, in which they also address key points of criticism first raised by Gamers Nexus.

Linus Tech Tips posted a new video on August 16, stating that they are halting all video production as they work to improve the company’s workflow. This comes following a heated exchange between Gamers Nexus and Linus Tech Tips, which highlighted poor working conditions, in addition to inaccurate product testing and benchmarking data.

Ex-Linus Tech Tips employees have also spoken out regarding their experience of working at the company, recounting allegations of sexism and bullying. Their claims were not addressed in the video.

“All YouTube video production is on pause,” co-owner and CFO Yvonne Ho stated, promising that the team will be working on “long-term workflow changes.” She notes that Linus Media Group is not “fighting for survival anymore,” meaning the company will not be releasing daily videos for the first time in its 12-year history.

Ho continued: “Linus made a clear and egregious judgment error regarding retesting a product he felt was impractical. That was wrong, and I have told him so. He allowed his personal feelings on the matter to cloud his judgment,” regarding the Billet Labs controversy.

The video continues to showcase several senior staff members at Linus Media Group, planning out exactly how the company will attempt to change for the better. “We’ve made some mistakes, too many,” Gary Key, head of labs stated, before committing to publishing testing documents that will be peer-reviewed with the community.

Linus calls his own apology “lame”

“My lame response on the forum was a huge and unnecessary blunder,” Sebastian admitted regarding his initial response to the Gamers Nexus video. Linus then claimed that he will be speaking to the executive team for crisis communications in the future.

New CEO Terren Tong doubled down on promises that LMG will improve in the future, but also ensured that the company needs a “degree of humility” when things go wrong. “Thank you all for holding us accountable,” Tong concluded.

It’s likely that the video was produced before ex-employee Madison Reeve’s complaints went public, and the company has yet to respond to any of those allegations.

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