Linus Tech Tips releases first video following content hiatus

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Linus Sebastian on Orange backgroundYoutube: LinusTechTips

Linus Tech Tips has released its first video since issuing a content hiatus, which outlines plans to mitigate errors, introduce transparency regarding HR processes and debunk myths circulating in online communities.

Last week, Linus Tech Tips came under fire from Gamers Nexus, which snowballed into a torrent of furor from its community for erroneous test results, issues regarding proper testing for a water block, which got accidentally auctioned off following a miscommunication, and more. These were met with an initial forum post response, which was not well-received. Following community backlash, the company announced a content hiatus.

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In the midst of the social media firestorm, former employee Madison Reeve stepped forward with allegations of mistreatment and poor conditions. After the audio of an internal meeting leaked online, we spoke directly to Linus Media Group CEO Terren Tong for comment, who stated that the company is “working on hiring a third-party investigator to handle these allegations”.

One week on, Linus Tech Tips has released its first video. It features founder Linus Sebastian talking to the camera talking about a “new commitment to do whatever it takes” to improve content quality.

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This time, there were no sponsor fake-outs, jokes, or LTTStore mentions, which caused some ire in their previous video announcing the hiatus.

Linus outlines changes following hiatus

Linus Media Group has committed to a reduction in content output, in order to refocus on quality. This means that the company will no longer commit to a daily upload schedule, which can lead to erroneous content. A new quality assurance system will catch any errors within the video, with any benchmarks being seen over by its dedicated Labs team at least twice in the process in order to enhance accuracy and catch out any wayward numbers. A new Error Checking Community will now oversee Linus Media Group uploads to forewarn the company of any errors.

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Weekly content post-mortems will now allow the company to reflect on its output, and help improve any content that might have missed the mark. Linus Media Group also issued communications directly to its team regarding updates to their process in order to address internal and external feedback. Within this are updates to their internal team’s product tracking processes, which should help to avoid situations like the Billet Labs situation in the future.

Linus continues to clarify internal HR processes, including employee wellbeing efforts, and a positive feedback score from its employees surrounding their working culture. Sebastian also debunks several myths, including that himself, or co-founder Yvonne Ho are the current “HR” team internally. He outlines changes to the team, and how their internal HR developed over time, which is now handled by a dedicated team.

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Madison Reeve allegations quietly addressed

Terren Tong's message to LMG employeesYoutube: LinusTechTips

In the video, we see some internal LMG communications from CEO Terren Tong, where he issues a small update on the allegations from Madison Reeve concerning harassment and bullying at the company. It states the following:

“Starting with the process with the external investigator, we have found a firm now and are working on next steps”

This is followed by a message to internal team members that says: “…I’d just like to reiterate the importance of avoiding any public comment on matters relating to the pending investigation. We want to maintain the integrity of the 3rd party’s findings, and while it’s difficult in the short term, that relies on us keeping a strong stance against discussion around the topic – both internally and externally”

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Tong continues to state that if any internal LMG employees have concerns regarding bullying or harassment, to bring them up to their HR team, or to speak to him directly.

As there’s an impending investigation into the matter, the issue is not directly mentioned by Linus in the video.

Linus condemns online trolls: “Shame on you”

Following the social media firestorm, several LMG employees have been caught in the crosshairs by trolls and others: “In recent weeks, a shocking number of our team members have been harassed, bullied, and even threatened on social media”. The LMG owner continues: “You know who you are, and shame on you”.

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Linus also announced that their employee provisions for mental health counseling are doubling, in light of recent events. The rest of the video clarifies that there is a hardworking culture, but not one quite as rapturous as its audience might think, with relatively normal working hours, and working days.

Linus clarified that its employees have nothing to be worried about, clarifying that there will be no internal layoffs and that the company’s “rainy day fund” will help them get through this turbulent time.

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In a WAN show podcast following the video’s release, Linus called it one of “the most intense work weeks” he has experienced, despite LTT’s period of introspection.

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