Twitter users rebel after Elon Musk and Twitter CEO confirm X rebrand

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Elon Musk and Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino have confirmed that Twitter will be getting a full rebrand to X. This sudden announcement has left Twitter users dazed and confused.

Twitter’s changes since being acquired by Elon Musk have been controversial. Some features like community notes and ad revenue have been near-universally liked, while others have criticized changes like Twitter Blue’s increasing importance on the platform and the temporary rate limits.

Even with a new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, taking the reins, Elon Musk is still the go-to person for coming updates with Twitter. Or what will soon become X.

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With the domain for linking directly to Twitter and Elon Musk being not-so-subtle about an imminent rebrand, users have been left bewildered and unsure of what direction this will take the platform.

Imminent X rebrand sparks debate on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most universal brands in the world, with its bird-themed imagery and phrasing being an iconic and recognizable part of the social media platform.

With Elon Musk buying the platform and getting his hand on the Twitter brand and all the recognition that comes with it, some were excited to see what direction he’d take the brand in. However, it seems that the direction he’s taking Twitter’s brand is out the door.

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According to Elon, we soon “shall bid adieu to the twitter brand” and the birds that come with it. Elon Musk has been seen pushing this X brand everywhere and has even put out a proposed logo for the new brand.

Reception for this new logo and rebrand has been mixed.

Some are excited to see what the X brand could do, some are planning to leave Twitter entirely following the rebrand, and some are just at a loss for what this means for the platform.

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For instance, one user asked, “So if Twitter won’t be called Twitter anymore, that means a tweet won’t be called a tweet. What will they be called under X?” Xplainer? Xs? Xers? Users have speculated on this in the comments below Elon’s tweet, but Musk himself went on to clarify tweets will simply be called “X”.

Meanwhile, many Twitter users have taken to mocking the X brand by saying it seems like it’s linked to adult content, with various adult sites trending across Twitter amid scattered announcements and updates from Elon and Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino.

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Goodbye Twitter also started trending, with many users saying goodbye to the platform as it was while others plan to leave the platform forever following the rebrand.

Linda Yaccarino spoke about the rebrand as well. Though she didn’t have much more information to offer up as far as when it’s coming, she seems confident that X will make a splash much in the same way Twitter’s launch did as they get to work on “transforming the global town square.”

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The rollout is gradual, but some users are starting to have the X logo show up in place of Twitter. In the coming days, it’s likely that Twitter’s presence will be entirely replaced by Musk’s new X venture.

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