Linus Tech Tips reveals allegations from ex-employee “were false” following investigation

Jeremy Gan
Linus Tech Tips in update video after allegations

Linus Tech Tips has released the findings from an investigation of the allegations levied upon them in 2023, claiming the accusations from an ex-employee were “largely unfounded, misleading, and unfair.” 

As announced on LTT’s X (formerly Twitter) page on May 23, 2024, the investigation was conducted by Vancouver-based law firm Roper Greyell, a third party, immediately after the accusations came to light.

According to LTT’s announcement, they claim the investigation found no evidence of the allegations of workplace bullying and sexual harassment. 

The investigation into LTT’s workplace ensured “claims of bullying and harassment were not substantiated” and that “allegations that sexual harassment were ignored or not addressed were false.”

Linus Tech Tips says allegations were “not substantiated” after investigation

They further explained that there was no evidence of “abuse of power”, claiming the alleger may not have agreed with performance feedback.

Madison Reeve, who made the allegations, claimed they were “inappropriately grabbed multiple times” with multiple sexist remarks being made during her time with LTT.

They further claimed they were reprimanded for taking sick days and that managers “belittled” their problems with mental health, telling Reeve that they had “bad time management skills.”

LinusTechTips video with madison reeve
Reeve first appeared on LTT in a PC building tutorial, which is one of the channel’s highest-viewed videos.

“In summary, as confirmed by the investigation, the allegations made against the team were largely unfounded, misleading, and unfair,” the statement reads. 

LTT added there will be “ongoing improvement” to Linus Media Group’s workplace policies and education for the team. They additionally explained that although they have a strong case for a defamation lawsuit, they are not pursuing it.

“We feel our case for a defamation suit would be strong; however, our deepest wish is to simply put all of this behind us. We hope that will be the case,” the statement reads.

On August 2023, the series of allegations kicked off when Gamers Nexus criticized LTT over the accuracy and ethical concerns of their content, and in the middle of the public backlash, former employee Reeve stepped up with accusations of mistreatment, poor working conditions, and sexism.

As a result of the controversy, LTT’s channel changed its upload schedule to reduce content output and refocus on quality, with an investigation into the allegations being announced in August 2023. 

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