Gamers Nexus calls out Linus Tech Tips over accuracy & ethical concerns

Dylan Horetski
Gamers Nexus Linus Tech Tips

Tech YouTube channel Gamers Nexus has called out Linus Tech Tips in their latest video, slamming their accuracy and ethical concerns with their content.

Linus Sebastian started Linus Tech Tips’ YouTube channel while he was working at a Canadian computer store, but has since skyrocketed in popularity to over 15M subscribers on the main channel.

They’ve since evolved into Linus Media Group, uploading to a handful of different channels each week so fans can enjoy a constant flow of content from the YouTubers.

However, Gamers Nexus has uploaded a video calling out Linus Media Group, slamming their accuracy and raising ethical concerns.

Gamers Nexus calls out Linus Media Group’s accuracy

In the August 14 video, Gamers Nexus’ Steve Burke mentioned a variety of issues with accuracy in Linus Tech Tips’ content.

Citing clips from an interview with LMG employees, Burke said that the company’s self-proposed deadline for videos has impacted the accuracy of the test results and comments in various videos.

Steve went over issues they have with GPU, PSU, CPU, and CPU Cooler errors in Linus Tech Tips videos and called them out for adding a disclaimer on the video instead of re-recording the segment.

“You can’t put text on the screen after uploading a video anymore, which means when doing an asterisked correction, the creator is aware of that correction,” Steve said.

“However, these have to be used carefully because most people won’t read them. They might just listen to the video or kind of tune it out”

(Topic starts at 9:05)

Gamers Nexus shares ethics concerns about Linus Tech Tips

Later in the video, Steve went over various concerns that he and his team have with some of Linus’ ethics when it comes to companies that he works with.

One example Gamers Nexus gave is the fact that Linus invested a considerable sum of money in laptop company Framework. Steve claims that Linus continues to favorably review their product in videos.

Another smaller example is Linus’ collaboration with Noctua to create a special color screwdriver. Linus Media Group has continued to go over Noctua’s popular cooling options, and Gamers Nexus claims LMG often ignores issues with the product.

Steve Burke Gamers Nexus Linus

Linus responds to Gamers Nexus

Linus issued a lengthy response to Gamers Nexus hours after the video gained traction across social media. First, he took issue with the approach from Steve of the channel, saying he was ‘disappointed’ he didn’t “go through proper journalistic practices.

“He has my email and number and could have asked me for context that may have proven to be valuable.”

Linus then admitted to some degree of “sloppiness” from the LMG team, assuring they’ve “been doing a lot of work internally to clean up processes, but these things take time.

“We know we’re not perfect. We wear our imperfection on our sleeves in the interest of ensuring we stay accountable to you. But it’s sad and unfortunate when this transparency gets warped into a bad thing.

“It saddens me how quickly the pitchforks were raised over this. It also comes across a touch hypocritical when some basic due diligence could have helped clarify much of it. The only reason I can think of not to ask me is because my honest response might be inconvenient.”

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