ChatGPT just got a killer new feature but free users will have to wait

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ChatGPT has been updated to support custom instructions for Plus users, allowing the app to remember your preferences.

ChatGPT creators OpenAI have announced that the AI tool will be receiving an update, which will add something named “custom instructions”. As announced on their blog, the company claims that the model will not be able to “consider the instructions every time it responds, so you won’t have to repeat your preferences or information in every conversation”

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This could be useful for those using ChatGPT for singular or repeated contextual prompts. For example, if you wanted ChatGPT to contextualize an action, for example, “teaching 3rd grade science” as the blog post reads, you will no longer have to offer that every time you ask the AI a question.

Once your custom preferences are set, the tool will then be able to keep them in mind whenever you prompt the tool.

The feature is paid-only for now

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For those looking to get their hands on the custom preferences feature, ChatGPT Plus users will be able to access the feature in beta right now. But, free users will have to wait before they are able to access the feature.

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OpenAI claims that the feature will be rolled out to all users “in the coming weeks”.

ChatGPT has continuously stayed in the news, as companies race to find the latest AI tools. Most recently, OpenAI, Meta, Amazon, and other AI leaders met with the US Government to pledge transparency for AI-generated content. However, these agreements are all voluntary for the companies involved, meaning that there will be no consequences if they do not comply. AI policy is still in its infancy, with companies and governments rushing to create policies to minimize the potential risks of AI, which some claim could lead to disastrous consequences across the globe.

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