Discord is testing ChatGPT-powered AI features & chatbot

discord logo and open ai

Discord, the popular chat service for gaming, is going to start introducing “Clyde”, its own ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot.

With the rise in AI-powered bots, Discord is next in line to introduce its own. Adopting the name Clyde, Discord will begin rolling out its ChatGPT-powered bot next week, but only for Discord Alpha users.

The company is differentiating this from the recent additions to Slack and Bing, in that it won’t be able to write things for you, only answer questions. In a report from The Verge, Discord plans to make Clyde central to its future plans for the communities that use the platform. However, it won’t be released to the public any time soon.

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Presumably, Discord will be putting the AI through extensive training to ensure it doesn’t cause any future disasters or blurt out anything too grotesque. After watching both Google and Microsoft see public failures like this, the caution is understandable.

There’s even a huge warning that pops up, telling you not to share sensitive information with Clyde. Again, this is presuming that the AI tool is hoarding data for machine learning purposes.

Don’t tell Clyde secrets or rely on it for advice, Discord support, or safety issues. Clyde is experimental and not perfect so you might come across information that could be considered biased, misleading, harmful, or inaccurate even with safeguards in place.

New AI features coming to Discord


A feature that was highlighted in the report is that Discord will be allowing users to use the ChatGPT-powered bot to summarise conversations that have been missed.

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Discord will also be introducing AI to its AutoMod bot. While this is currently built on various models, the introduction to language-based models provided by OpenAI will ensure that it can act better in the interest of preserving peace on servers.

This means that things like racism, bigotry, and other bad actors can be swiftly banned. The AI version of AutoMod will begin to roll out to a small number of servers today.