Best waterproof phone cases: Budget, premium & more

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Best Waterproof phone cases

Looking for the best waterproof phone cases? We have you covered right here. Even an unintentional splash of water can damage your phone. But don’t worry; we’ve assembled a list of waterproof cases for your precious smartphone.

Water damage is one of the most common issues with smartphones. Unfortunately, most budget phones offer no or little protection against water. However, some higher-end phones do offer some kind of water resistance with an IP rating. Moreover, incurring water damage on your phone can also void your warranty.

A special case to protect your phone from water is a must. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast who goes for a hike or run, a swimmer, or anyone under the sun – your phone needs some extra protection against water.

Apart from keeping the phones safe from water or sweat, these cases also offer protection against dust, dirt, and smudges. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites below.

Top waterproof cases for the phone

Best waterproof pouch for phones: Pelican Marine phone case

Pelican Marine phone pouch case
  • Resistance: IP68
  • Type: Pouch
  • Attachments: Lanyard
  • Supported phones: Generic case
  • Price: $24.99

This pouch not only adds protection from water but also helps it keep afloat in case you dunk the phone in a pool or a lake. It has an attached lanyard to ensure the phone doesn’t drift away. It also has a large clear touch-friendly screen on the front to interact with the phone, and a window at the rear for the camera module.

This case is rated IP68, meaning you can safely submerge your phone underwater for a while. The product description states your phone is 100% safe at up to 100 ft in water – which means that you can easily take the iPhone or any other large screened phone for adventures.

Best budget waterproof pouch case: Syncwire waterproof pouch case (pack of 2)

Syncwire waterproof pouch case
  • Resistance: IP68
  • Type: Pouch
  •  Attachments: Lanyard
  • Supported phones: Generic case
  • Price: $15.99

Syncwire’s budget IP68-rated pouch-type case can protect your smartphone from more than an accidental drop in water. This universal case fits various phones regardless of their make or model and has a large transparent touch-friendly window to operate your phone.

Removing the regular protective case is best suggested before you pop it in this pouch. The case has an attached lanyard so you can wear your phone around your neck without worrying about losing the phone at the beach or the pool.

The Syncwire pouch case is sold in a pair. If you plan to leave your wallet at the hotel, you can use the second one to store your valuables in.

Best premium diving case for phones: SeaLife underwater scuba case

SeaLife underwater scuba case
  • Resistance: IP68
  • Type:  Case
  • Attachments: Multiple (lanyard, lights, color correction filter, and more)
  • Supported phones: Generic case
  • Price: $374.99

The SeaLife underwater scuba case is designed for pro-divers who want to take their favorite phones into the sea. It not only comes with multiple attachments like a lanyard and a 2500-lumen light in case you need a source of light while diving.

The case comes in two variants – the regular one is “cheaper,” doesn’t come with a light, and carries a price tag of $349. The one with a light attachment is priced almost on par with flagship phones at $749.

Apart from letting you carry the phone to greater depths (up to 130 ft or 40 meters), this case works with almost all Android flagships and iPhone 7. It also has an external underwater color-correction filter, an app with auto & manual controls, and Bluetooth support to operate your phone efficiently.

The case can also raise an alarm if improperly secured and has an internal de-fogger to remove residual moisture.

Last but not least, you also get physical controls on the case, which lets you control the smartphone camera like a pro. The control includes Zoom, Focus, White Balance, Tint, and Lens selection. The controls also allow you to switch between photos & videos at the touch of a button.

Best budget diving case for phones: Yogre professional diving phone case

Yogre professional diving phone case
  • Resistance: IP68
  • Type: Case
  • Attachments: Lanyard
  • Supported phones: Generic case
  • Price: $50.99

If you want to get a cheaper diving case that doesn’t cost as much as your phone, the Yogre professional diving case is your next best bet.

This stylish case also adds a grip to hold your phone like a camera and even has a physical shutter release button to record videos and shoot images quickly.

This is a universal case, meaning it can be used with almost any smartphone. The Yogre diving case offers protection from water to up to 50m and can also be mounted on a tripod when outside of it.

Best waterproof phone case for iPhone 14: Catalyst total protection case

Catalyst total protection case for iPhone 14
  • Resistance: IP68
  • Type: Case
  • Attachments: Lanyard
  • Supported phones: iPhone 14 series
  • Price: $89.99

The Catalyst waterproof case is among the best for the iPhone 14 series. It is waterproof with up to IP68 water and dust resistance, offering protection to up to 33 ft below water. It is also a MIL-STD-810G certified case that can protect your phone from a drop from just over 6 feet.

The case has a transparent front that doesn’t interfere with face ID and has a built-in screen protector. This iPhone case also has physical buttons, offering a better tactile experience.

If you have an older version of the iPhone, you can search for the matching case on Amazon. Unfortunately, this case is incompatible with any other phones aside from the iPhone 14 line-up.

Best Waterproof phone case for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Spidercase waterproof case

Spidercase waterproof case for Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Resistance: IP68
  • Type: Case
  • Attachments: Lanyard
  • Supported phones: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Price: $27.99

This waterproof case for Galaxy S23 Ultra is made of shock-absorbing materials, offering ample protection against accidental drops. It is IP68 certified and keeps the phone safe from water to up to 6.6 meters for one hour.

This case is best suited for a casual swim across the pool and isn’t ideal for a dip in the sea. Though, it can be used regularly as it is compatible with the S Pen and also supports the in-display fingerprint sensors of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. A similar case for the iPhone is also available on Amazon.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

Be sure to distinguish between “Waterproof” and “Water Resistant” monikers when buying a protective case for your iPhone. Both these terms sound similar but offer different levels of protection for your phone.

As the name tells you, “Water Resistant” can resist water damage to a certain extent. So if you’re using a case with water resistance protection, your phone can be safe if accidentally dropped in water and removed almost instantly.

A “Water Resistant” case offers protection up to IP67, which safeguards you from water drops of approximately 3 feet for around 3 minutes.  

If you need better protection for your phone, go for a case that lists itself as waterproof. Such cases offer IP68-level protection. This roughly translates to adding the capability of submerging the phone more than 3 feet, for more than 30 minutes.

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