Apple mixed reality headset praised by Oculus co-founder

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The long-rumored, long-awaited Apple mixed-reality headset appears to have graced Palmer Luckey, the co-founder (and now ex-head) of Meta’s Oculus division.

Palmer Luckey, the co-founder of Oculus, has appeared out of the blue on Twitter to mention that he thinks the upcoming Apple mixed reality headset is “so good”.

The unannounced piece of hardware from the Californian tech giant has mostly been mentioned through repeated leaks and reports from Bloomberg. However, this is one of the first times a public tech figure like Luckey has outright mentioned the quality of the device.

Apple’s mixed reality headset has been in development for years, with rumors dating back to 2016, around the iPhone 8’s launch. Despite the lengthy development cycle, anonymous staffers at the company have said to be concerned about the device, while Luckey claims those he spoke with are confident in the mixed reality headset.

It has been previously reported that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, shared the device with board members a while ago. While not much information came out of the presentation, it appeared to go down well.

Mixed reality, unlike a dedicated augmented or virtual reality headset, combines the two to try to create a seamless integration with daily work-life balance and the virtual reality habit of consuming you entirely.

Despite hunting through his feed for more information, it appears Palmer Luckey immediately retreated back into spats with other peers from the industry.

Palmer Luckey praises unannounced XR Apple headset

Luckey was fired from Meta, then Facebook, in 2016. It was uncovered that as well as a $10,000 donation to a Donald Trump-supporting group, he’d been secretly funding the group’s memes surrounding then-President hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Luckey sold Oculus to Meta in 2014 for an estimated $2 billion, with id Software’s John Carmack (DOOM, Quake) joining shortly afterward.

Meta recently launched the Meta Quest Pro, and the third consumer-grade Quest headset is expected this year.

Palmer Luckey’s last “project” was a headset that would kill you if you died inside a game. Let’s just hope that it remains a project.

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