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Twitch streamer spends entire week wearing a VR headset

Published: 28/Feb/2019 0:59 Updated: 28/Feb/2019 1:02

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer ‘disruptY2K38’ spent an entire week wearing a virtual-reality headset – which lead to some hilarious shenanigans, in the process.

‘Disrupt’ challenged himself to go an entire week without removing his VR headset, which begs the question: how did he perform basic human tasks like eating or showering?

Thanks to a clip from Disrupt’s stream, viewers can see that he was able to shower by protecting his headset with a ream of plastic wrap pulled around a box frame made of pvc pipe, thus shielding his equipment from the water.

Disrupt switched between using an Oculus Rift and a wireless, HTC Vive Focus, which allowed him to travel throughout his house during the stream’s broadcast period.

Of course, the streamer also had to switch out these HMDs, at times – which he managed by placing the fresh display over his eyes just after removing his previous headset in one, swift motion.

Once his week was over, Disrupt streamed himself finally removing the headset, where he seemed relieved at returning to the real world.

“The feeling is so good,” Disrupt stated, rubbing at his eyes and laughing. “Oh my god. I can see everything.”

This isn’t the first time a streamer has undertaken a crazy challenge for their audience, either; ‘Johnny_Now’ broadcasted footage of himself inside of a cage for 30 days straight, in the hopes of curing his addictions to junk food and sodas.

Johnny called the experiment a “self-improvement program,” and claimed that he hoped to write a book detailing his experience in the cage.


Charli D’Amelio slams “hurtful” rumors that her parents force her to post online

Published: 18/Jan/2021 22:29

by Virginia Glaze


As the current queen of TikTok, Charli D’Amelio is no stranger to being swept up in internet drama — but a recent rumor involving her family has caused the star to lash out in a series of social media posts.

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s most-followed content creator. Boasting over 106 million fans on the viral video app, Charli saw a huge surge in growth throughout 2020, acquiring her own makeup line and even scoring a partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts, among other accomplishments.

With great internet fame comes great… drama, apparently, as the youngest D’Amelio sibling also found herself in a slew of “scandals” last year — and the turmoil isn’t over yet, as the New Year seems to be kicking off with a disturbing rumor regarding Charli’s parents.

The rumor itself, circulating online via comments on Instagram tea pages and TikTok fan accounts, alleges that Charli is unhappy being an influencer and is “forced” to post TikToks by her parents to keep up with their elevated lifestyle.

Charli D'Amelio hits back at rumors
Twitter: @dameliofamily / Hulu
The D’Amelio family have been a source of near-constant rumors and speculation among fans ever since Charli and Dixie’s rise to fame.

However, Charli has vehemently denied these claims, as told in a series of biting comments via TikTok on January 18, 2021.

“I am so fortunate to have such amazing parents, and when people spread fake, hurtful and false rumors about my family, I have to put my foot down,” she began.

“I have an amazing dad and family who have never hurt or taken advantage of me, ever. Please stop spreading these lies. If I am not in the mood to post, I don’t. No one is forcing me. My parents care about my mental health more than anything.”

It seems that Charli’s reply has been met with mixed reviews among critics, who claim that the star is avoiding responsibility for a recent Bahamas vacation — but this is far from the first time the D’Amelio’s have had to address similar rumors that spiraled out of control.

Last year, Dixie released a comparable response after fans claimed that her parents treated her poorly and “worse” than her younger sister, with YouTube drama channels pointing out moments in family videos where the eldest D’Amelio sibling was being teased.

Dixie D'Amelio tiktok comments
Instagram: TikTokRoom
Dixie was very blunt with those making accusations of her parents’ alleged favoritism.

Luckily, both stars shut down the rumors quickly and brutally — although there’s no telling what other theories fans are bound to come up with in the future.