Oculus founder “blown away” by PS VR2 in first hands-on test with Sony’s new rig


Palmer Luckey knows a thing or two about virtual reality as the founder of Oculus, yet even he was admittedly “blown away” when trying out Sony’s new PS VR2 unit for the first time.

When the gaming industry took its first steps into the realm of virtual reality, Oculus Rift was there as one of the very first pieces of consumer technology in 2016. In the years since, we’ve obviously seen new competitors enter the space and technological leaps aplenty, but up next is a unit generating a special type of buzz even among the experts.

Sony’s highly anticipated PS VR2 kit is just weeks out from its February 22 launch. Before it hits store shelves though, a number of enthusiasts got an early chance to go hands-on with a Horizon Call of the Mountain demo at CES 2023.

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inside of ps vr2 headsetSony
Sony’s next step in the world of VR is already off to a hot start with rave reviews coming out of CES.

Early impressions are all but unanimously positive, with many praising the overall quality of the headset itself and the experience on display. Ironically enough, one such verdict came from the Palmer Luckey himself, the founder of Oculus and one of the original innovators in the VR space.

Though Luckey’s first test of Sony’s new model, the Oculus founder was “blown away,” he admitted on Twitter. Not only that, but he’s bullish on the model’s long-term success given its performance in this brief tech demo.

“The first PS VR was arguably the biggest success of the generation,” he said. “This version will do even better.”

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Pushing VR forward in new ways, the new PlayStation unit comes with upgraded controllers utilizing DualSense features along with a revamped 4K HDR display. Not only do the advanced controllers provide haptic feedback, allowing a greater sense of immersion as you touch and feel various objects, but so too does the headset, providing vibrations to further engage players.

It’s through these technical improvements that Luckey was left stunned at the PS VR2 demo on the CES show floor. Fortunately, fans anxiously awaiting this revelation of their own won’t have to wait much longer. PS VR2 releases on February 22 and you can brush up on the full range of launch titles right here.

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