Apple leak claims revamped Siri with generative AI is coming

Jitendra Soni
iPhone 16 Siri AI upgrade

Leaks hint that an AI-powered Siri could be announced at Apple’s 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference.

Last year, Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and others took center stage. While almost every tech giant announced their version of Generative AI, Apple was missing from the scene.

Despite being late to board the bus, Apple is said to be looking for ways to implement generative AI prowess into its upcoming software and hardware products. Apple might announce an updated Siri with AI powers as early as WWDC 2024 if a leak from a tipster Yeux1122 is to be believed.

The leaks suggest that Apple will use this AI to “add more personalization and natural conversations to Siri.” This means that Siri will be more powerful and accurate, and the communication will be way more natural and human-like.

However, this leak has a lot of ambiguity, and the tipster doesn’t have a highly accurate track record either. Yet, this report coincides with previous reports from publications like Bloomberg and The Observer, hinting that Apple is spending millions daily to train its Large Language Models (LLM).

It was believed that, though the company didn’t have a concrete plan, it was suggested that Apple might make a significant AI-related announcement in 2024.

Yeux hints that Apple’s generative AI could be built on Ajax and help in seamless data management between multiple devices like iPhones.

Too many loose ends, but Tim’s cooking something

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Previous reports also hint that multiple teams at Apple are engaged in this AI project. One of them is possibly busy with long-term research involving multimodal AI that can recognize and produce images or videos. The other team is expected to be working on software that can generate “images, video, or 3D scenes.”

This does sound familiar. Google has already introduced on-device generative AI features, while Samsung is expected to introduce Galaxy AI in a couple of weeks.

There’s a possibility that Apple might use AI services for customer support and might not introduce it as a customer-facing product. Though the details are murky, with the Vision Pro set to launch soon and the iPhone 16 lineup shaping up as an exciting device, Apple could use this as a perfect excuse to introduce the all-new AI-supercharged Siri.

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