Everything revealed at Apple’s WWDC 2024 event: Apple AI, iOS 18, MacOS Sequoia

Dylan Horetski
Apple WWDC 2024

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference has taken place, and here’s everything the Cupertino company has revealed.

Every year, Apple’s WWDC reveals the latest and greatest improvements to the company’s iconic devices, and 2024 is no different.

Rumors have swirled for weeks ahead of WWDC, with things like AI and better iOS customization taking precedence during the event.

Here’s everything revealed so far at Apple WWDC 2024:

VisionOS 2 for Vision Pro headset

The Vision Pro launched in February 2024 to questionable reviews, but Apple has a slew of new updates coming to Apple’s XR headset.

It’s coming in the form of VisionOS 2, and Apple led the announcement with a major machine-learning update to Photos. Apple also improved the navigation controls on the headset.

VisionOS 2’s Mac screen control is also getting an update to support larger displays, including the ability to create a massive ultrawide screen through the headset.

Apple is also expanding Vision Pro availability to new countries in July.

iOS 18

iOS 18 has been revealed, and home screen customization is finally available for iPhone users. Users will be able to place icons wherever they like and even adjust the colors of their app’s icons.

Focusing more on privacy, Apple enabled the ability to lock apps and hide them behind FaceID.

Control Center is getting an overhaul, too, with more customization and different widget groups for users to enjoy.

App updates

iMessage is getting a huge update with emoji tap-backs, message scheduling, and text formatting coming to the app with iOS 18.

The new version also comes with updates to Mail, Maps, Wallet, and more. Mail is getting categorization, for example, and Wallet now offers the ability to tap other devices to send cash through Apple Pay.

Photos is getting an overhaul, with new categories and picture customization coming to a fully redesigned app.

Apple didn’t touch on it much, but they confirmed RCS is indeed coming to iOS 18.

Home & Audio

AirPods are getting support for special Siri gestures, including the ability to simply shake your head to decline a call while you’re in a crowded area. Many were hoping for new Homepods or other hardware, but nothing has been announced.

WatchOS 11

For those using the Apple Watch for exercise, WatchOS 11’s new “training load” gives people a better idea of what their workouts look like.

The Fitness app is getting an overhaul, with a new customizable summary screen and the ability to pause your circle-goals due to an injury or health issue.

A new Vitals app was also shown off, which takes various data from throughout the day to give you a summary of your overall health.

iPadOS 18

This year iPadOS 18 gets all the same customization features as iOS 18, including the icon and control center changes.

iPadOS 18 also features a new “tab bar,” that lets users easily find specific sections of applicable apps.

The iPad is also finally getting a calculator app. They’ve made it even better with a new “math notes” option that allows users to use the Apple Pencil Pro with the app.

There’s new screen sharing options in SharePlay, collapsible sections in Notes, the new Photos app redesign, and more coming in iPadOS 18.

MacOS Sequoia

MacOS 15 – aka Sequoia – is official, and it comes with a massive update to continuity. With it, you can mirror your iPhone to your Mac and even use your keyboard/mouse on the device.

When in use, your iPhone stays locked and can even be used in Standby mode simultaneously

MacOS Sequoia is expanding on Keychain to release the passwords app. Similar to apps like 1Password and LastPass, Apple’s cross-platform app will also support autofill across each device.

Apple Intelligence

Apple has finally hopped on the bus of artificial intelligence, calling it Apple Intelligence. iOS, iPadOS 18, and MacOS Sequoia will support AI, but it’s only compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro and newer, as well as the M-Series Mac and iPad devices. Built into all of the company’s apps, users will be able to use Apple Intelligence to summarize writing, rewrite emails, and even generate images.

With ‘private cloud compute,’ Apple has made it so that your AI data is never stored on a server accessible by a third party.

They’re also using Apple Intelligence to create a more conversational Siri, which has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It’s smarter, easier to use, and even supports the ability to type out your request.

Siri will be able to work across each of your most used apps, including the ability to find photos, texts, and emails you’ve sent in the past.

You can also use it to open specific files in apps or simply just look up the stock price of your favorite company.

Apple Intelligence is even being used in the Photos app, bringing image clean-up and memory video creation tools into the app for the first time.

They’ve also partnered with OpenAI to offer an even broader source of information to Siri. When Siri doesn’t have access to the proper information, it will access ChatGPT’s resources.

There’s the rundown of everything revealed during WWDC 2023. Stay tuned for more of Dexerto’s coverage surrounding these announcements in the future.