Apple AirPods 3 could launch in 2025 with fresh fitness features

Jitendra Soni
Apple AirPods Pro 2

Apple’s AirPods Pro 3 are rumored to get a slew of improvements but aren’t arriving anytime soon.

Apple is said to be working on the next generation of AirPods. The AirPods Pro 3, as it’s tentatively called, is expected to arrive in 2025 and could feature a handful of exciting updates over the predecessor.

The trusted Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reported that these upcoming wearables from Apple are expected to come with an upgraded H3 chipset, a biometric sensor, and a temperature sensor.

The AirPods Pro 3 will also have a USB C charging case, as is the case with most accessories Apple has released lately.

Gurman hints that while the design of the third-generation AirPods has yet to be finalized, Apple is looking to develop a product that is not so easy to miss for pro users. Including fitness features is aimed at making these AirPods stand apart from the company’s budget and entry-level wireless earbuds.

He also highlights that Apple needs help with the stagnant sales in the wearables category and an updated AirPods Pro 3 could provide the necessary fillip. While the entry-level AirPods are still selling in huge numbers, the premium products aren’t doing well. This has forced the company to invest more in the hardware and software.

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Unlike a lot of other makers, Apple focuses on practically usable gadgets. This is probably why you might see a much more powerful H3 chipset in the upcoming AirPods Pro 3 from the company.

This processor is expected to process more data than the previous generation chipset. This is likely to result in the AirPods Pro 3 offering better sound output and being capable of amplifying sound to help people listen better.

Moreover, sensors like a biometric or a temperature sensor can come in handy when hiking and need precise weather details.

Since the AirPods 3 launch is still far away, and we only have limited information about the exact functionalities and features, we will have to wait for some more information to pour in. Till then, stay tuned.