Apple’s USB-C powered accessories could arrive in early 2024

Jitendra Soni
Magic Mouse and keybaord

Apple is finally bidding farewell to the lightning port and looks to switch to USB-Type C for good, with the company rumored to refresh its accessories with the versatile port in 2024.

Apple is reportedly doing away with the lightning port for good. The company is expected to introduce devices, including the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Keyboard, in a new avatar with a Type-C port.

This report comes from Weibo, where a tipster with a mixed record says, “Apple will update the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Trackpad with USB-C in the spring of 2024.”

Interestingly, the peripherals that Apple ships with the latest M3 Mac charge via Lightning and Apple did not announce these updated accessories during the October launch event. This remains a massive disappointment for most enthusiasts looking to ditch the port for good.

If reports are believed, the only change in these accessories could be their charging system. Apple is expected not to tinker with the design and features of the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Keyboard.

This is even though the location of Magic Mouse’s charging port renders the mouse useless when the mouse is being charged. We’ve seen various hobbyists hacking the Magic Mouse to make it USB-C compatible.

The Lightning Port is dying a slow death

With the launch of the iPhone 15 lineup, Apple was forced to adopt USB-C on its most popular device. While MacBooks and iPads have already phased out other ports in favor of USB-C, the iPhone 15 arrival hinted that Apple might adopt the universal charging technology quickly.

However, the Cupertino-based tech brand has been relatively slow in phasing out its proprietary port. The October event saw the company continue with the older charging tech with some peripherals, leaving people to use multiple charging cables. Remember, even the new AirPods also ship with USB-C.

Unfortunately, even with lightning out of the scene, you’d still be using a couple of charging solutions – MagSafe for MacBooks and Type-C for almost everything else.