Street Fighter 6 gets its price knocked down by up to 44%

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Fanatical is running deals on every version of Street Fighter 6, Capcom’s latest entry to the iconic fighting series.

Fighting game fans, get ready for intense battles as Capcom brings you the latest addition to its iconic and massively popular Street Fighter franchise – Street Fighter 6. With previous series entries amassing millions of sales worldwide, this famed fighting series has long set the bar for the genre.

Powered by Capcom’s RE Engine, Street Fighter 6 offers exhilarating gameplay, stunning visuals, and great value with attractive discounts. Featuring classic fan-favorite fighters alongside all-new characters, it lets you pull off dramatic moves and combos.

For over three decades, the Street Fighter games have dominated the fighting category with their smooth mechanics, in-depth combat, and diverse character roster.

With beginner-friendly control schemes and an immersive World Tour mode to hone your skills, SF6 carries the series’ legacy of welcoming gamers of all levels.

Save up to 40% on Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

Right now, you can grab steep discounts of up to 44% off on the base version of Street Fighter 6. The content-rich Deluxe Edition, including the first year’s DLC with 4 extra fighters and bonus currency, gets discounted by 38%.

For the ultimate experience, check out the Ultimate Edition at 35% off – with additional stages, costumes, and premium currency.

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