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Street Fighter V

“Leak” claims Street Fighter V is coming to Nintendo Switch

Published: 25/Jan/2020 22:51 Updated: 25/Jan/2020 23:23

by Brent Koepp


A post by EB Games Canada suggests that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition could be coming to the Nintendo Switch, making it the first console outside of the PlayStation 4 to get the Capcom-developed title.

Street Fighter V originally released in 2016, and unlike past titles was a collaboration between Capcom and Sony Interactive Entertainment, which meant it was exclusive to the PS4.

While it was also made available on PC on day one, it’s home on the Sony-based console was all but assured given the partnership. But could that console exclusivity finally be coming to an end?

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Street Fighter V coming to the Nintendo Switch?

EB Games Canada first made the post on their Twitter account on January 25, claiming that the fighting title would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The tweet also included screenshots from the game, and states that it’s the Champion Edition of the fighting title, and that players can pre-order now.

“Street Fighter V Champion Edition is heading to Nintendo Switch! Preorder now in-store!” it reads, and at the time of this article, still hasn’t been taken down.

Twitter: @EBGamesCanada
Could the PS4 exclusive be coming to the Nintendo Switch?

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It should be said to take this with a major grain of salt as mistakes happen with company social media accounts, and this could just be an error. There is also the possibility that their account was compromised.


Former head of Capcom Esports Michael Martin replied to the EB Games tweet with laughing emojis. When asked by a fan if he thought it was a legit leak, he replied “no way.”

Twitter: @Bizarro_Mike
Former head of Capcom Esports believed the leak to be fake.

So it’s entirely possible that fans hoping for a portable version of the fighting classic will have to keep dreaming. Martin also tweeted that he believed that someone was “screwing with EB Games Canada’s Twitter,” hinting at the social media account possibly being hacked.

Twitter: @Bizarro_Mike
Doubts have been raised as to whether the EB Games social media account have been compromised.

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Whether the leak is true or not, we will have to wait and see if either Capcom acknowledges it, or if EB Games pulls the listing down.


Plus there is the fact that the title was developed with the help of Sony, making the console exclusivity a big hurdle to overcome. We will update if we find out anything else.