Job listings hint at Elder Scrolls 6 finally entering full production


A new set of Bethesda job listings have sparked speculation that The Elder Scrolls VI could finally be in full production, almost two years after it was first announced at E3 2018.

Ever since the teaser at the gaming event in 2018, fans have been waiting with bated breath at any scrap of information regarding the sixth installment in the massively popular open-world RPG franchise.

While not much else has been revealed, a set of job listings at developer Bethesda Studios could be the latest hint at what’s next for the game, and might just be the first indication that it’s finally entering full production.

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Is Elder Scrolls 6 finally being worked on full-time?

In January 2020, a total of 103 listings for many positions at the gaming giant appeared on recruitment website ZeniMax, including their Studios and Softworks divisions.

Many of them asked for help with developing “bleeding-edge” RPG titles, which begs the question, what other role-playing titles could they be working on if not ES6?

While science fiction game Starfield is a potential contender, it’s definitely hard to think that the company needs to fill that many roles for just one thing, though a request for a Video Editor could mean that a trailer for the title is on the way.

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Bethesda job listings at ZeniMaxZeniMax
The company is advertising for 103 positions across its divisions.

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The large request for positions at the company could well be a huge hint that Bethesda is gearing up to put the Elder Scrolls game into production full-time, unless it’s got something else up its sleeves.

It has been a long 18 months since the reveal at E3 2018, so it’s not too far-fetched to believe that the RPG might finally be worked on properly after such a lengthy amount of time.

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The initial trailer only showed the logo for the game; no gameplay, no look at the setting, or anything about any of the characters, so it’s understandable that fans are itching for news.

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The fifth entry in the series, Skyrim, has seen immense success since its debut in November 2011, and has been released on systems all the way up to current generation consoles, which just proves how popular it still is to this day.

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In June 2019, Todd Howard hinted that the next installment might arrive in 2021, though if full production is starting this late, it might be an even longer wait for VI.

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