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What Master Chief could look like in Smash Ultimate

Published: 6/Jan/2020 0:22 Updated: 6/Jan/2020 0:29

by Eli Becht


Although Banjo-Kazooie is already in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans are hoping Microsoft and Nintendo find a way to get Master Chief into the game.

With Smash Ultimate, Nintendo pulled out all of the stops for what fighters will be playable in the game.

Everyone that appeared in previous games – 64, Melee, Brawl, and 4 – reappears in Ultimate, but Nintendo didn’t stop there.

Could Master Chief actually come to Smash?

There are so many characters in the game now that pretty much nothing is off the table when it comes to the DLC fighters. We still don’t know who the fifth character will be, but a reveal is certainly on the way.

With Banjo-Kazooie arriving earlier in this pack, it’s probably safe to rule out another Microsoft character, but that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping it is.

NintendoPikachu would welcome Master Chief with open arms.

Twitter user MemoryNova took the extra step and created what would be Master Chief’s victory pose. He shoots off a clip from his assault rifle, reloads, just before right into the camera with a glimmer of light in his visor.

Shooting his gun like that might be a bit much, but the basic premise is there and we could easily picture him in there through the help of this creation. All that’s missing is a mockup of his moveset, but it’s clear the rifle would be a big part of it based on this pose.

The identity of the next fighter remains a mystery but there’s surely a Nintendo Direct on the horizon where we will find out who this person is.

Just because this first DLC pack is about to wrap up doesn’t mean another won’t be on the way right after.

Smash Ultimate is one of the most popular games on the Switch and there’s no shortage of what fighters could come to the game.

NintendoWho will be the last fighter?

In fact, we’d be pretty surprised if this Fighters Pass ends up being the only one. While the roster is massive, there’s still plenty of room to grow and fans would love to spend some extra money to get even more characters.

Microsoft and Nintendo have shown a willingness to work together in the past so perhaps they could keep it going and cut another deal to get Master Chief in Smash.


Shroud believes Halo needs to change “a lot” to compete in modern era

Published: 23/Nov/2020 5:53

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Shroud believes Microsoft’s long-standing Halo franchise needs to change “a lot” about the way it plays if it’s to compete with modern titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty with the release of Halo Infinite next year.

Shroud is an expert when it comes to first-person shooters. It’s not even because he’s a phenomenal player. It’s because he knows what makes them good and how they can be improved.

The Twitch star regularly comments on games and issues; recently, he chimed in on Modern Warfare and explained why he finds it so boring.

Now, he’s set his sights on the Halo series, expressing concerns about Halo Infinite, which is still pending a release date after being delayed.

Shroud Halo Infinite
Shroud is an open book and doesn’t mind sharing his opinions with viewers.

In his latest stream, Shroud spent a couple of hours fragging lobbies in Halo 4. He seemed to be enjoying himself, but even he wasn’t too sure, in the end: “I guess that was fun?” he said after closing the game browser. “I don’t know. I really don’t know. Just Halo, I guess.”

The concern, he said, is that the title feels ‘outdated,’ especially when matching up against other modern titles on the market.

“Halo Infinite needs to change a lot [to] so that it meets up with current expectations,” he said. “Halo is dated. But it makes sense. The games are old, so it makes sense for the games to feel dated.”

Shroud Halo Infinite
343 Industries
Halo Infinite has had a troubled development since being delayed until 2021.

Of course, Halo Infinite is set to revolutionize the franchise by expanding the game into an open-world. However, Shroud’s comments seem to be more about the multiplayer combat and gameplay itself.

“It was so short… I don’t like how not chaotic it is,” he said. “4v4 and the size of the map and how you can control it is kind of weird. I wish it was more spontaneous and all over the place… More of a deathmatch.”

Shroud acknowledged he hasn’t played the series enough to know for sure. He also said he’s willing to give it another chance. “Everyone says Halo 5 could be something I’m interested in,” he said. “I really want to play more.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any real suggestions on how to improve the gameplay. However, he flirted with the idea of adding air strafe. “If this game had air strafe, it’d be f**king nuts. But.. then it’d pretty much just be Quake. Well, kind of.”

It goes without saying that Shroud’s views are his own, and he’s merely sharing them with viewers on his stream. There are plenty of other players who love the Halo series and are excited for Halo Infinite.

Still, the expectations for Halo Infinite are high, especially since it’s been five years since Halo 5. Plus, Shroud’s opinion is always valuable, and many believe his concerns are warranted.