Travis Touchdown ruled out as Smash DLC fighter with Mii skin revealed

Travis Touchdown Smash Ultimate MiiNintendo

No More Heroes beam katana-wielding protagonist Travis Touchdown’s chances of becoming a fully-fledged DLC fighter look slimmer than ever after the latest Smash update, with fans who were looking forward to his arrival being left sorely disappointed.

Travis was seen as a favorite candidate to become one of the next DLC fighters in Smash during the months leading up to the big reveal, and well before Minecraft’s Steve stole the spotlight.

He will instead join Smash Bros as a Costume option for the Mii Swordfighter rocking his signature shades and perfectly styled hair, along with the rest of his kit, but the fact that he’s only a cosmetic option isn’t a good sign for his chances at becoming an actual DLC fighter.

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Travis will be joined by Bomberman, Gil from The Tower of Druaga, and three other Minecraft outfits as Mii Fighter costumes when the update goes live on October 13th, but this definitely isn’t enough for some fans.

While most of us might have begrudgingly accepted this apparent compromise, IGN host Brian Altano was quick to point out that Travis might have been robbed anyway, and “deserved better than a Mii Fighter costume in Smash Bros.”

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Other users argued that, while being heavily associated with Nintendo, he and the No More Heroes games might have been too “mature” and “weird” to warrant a full DLC fighter with his own move-set.

But, given that Smash also includes Bayonetta, who has a number of very interesting ways of dispatching her foes as a fully-playable character, this argument doesn’t seem to hold that much weight.

Goichi Suda (better known online as Suda51) Director of the No More Heroes series, had been lobbying hard for his character’s inclusion as a fighter in Ultimate and seemed to agree that Travis had indeed got the short end of the stick.

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Just after sharing the news about the swordsman technically making it into Smash, Suda quote-tweeted Altano with a simple thumbs-up, which could indicate he has more to say about this announcement than he’s letting on.

This news unfortunately makes the chances of a No More Heroes character being added as a full DLC fighter later on in the future slim to none, especially since Nintendo even shied away from using the game’s official logo because of its ‘mature’ rating.

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Funnily enough, they seem to have picked a font similar to the one used in the movie Taxi Driver, where the main character is named Travis Bickle, to spell out Travis’s name during the reveal instead of the actual logo

Super Smash Taxi DriverNintendo
Was this font choice a coincidence? Knowing Nintendo, probably not.

The next Smash update might be a bombshell for all the Minecraft fans out there, but everyone who was hoping for some sweet beam katana action has apparently been left wondering about what could have been.

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