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Smash Ultimate pros sound off on the “best” fighter in the game

Published: 5/Dec/2019 20:21 Updated: 8/Dec/2019 18:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Smash pro Eric ‘ESAM’ Lew polled multiple fellow professionals on who they believed the most powerful fighter in Ultimate was and the results were unexpected to say the least.

Smash Ultimate Summit 2 was held in late October and featured some of the best stars to ever play the game from all over the world. During the event, ESAM started vlogging and asked those in attendance who they felt was the best fighter – a frequent hot topic in the community.

The poll quickly turned into a two-way race between a couple of fighters: Pikachu and Joker. While some of the people in attendance may have been trying to humor the Pikachu main by suggesting that Pikachu was the absolute best, the Pokemon is widely considered to be very strong regardless.

NintendoIs Pikachu the best in the game?

For many in the pro scene and on forums, Joker is undisputedly the best fighter in the game due to his incredible recovery, decent weight, and primarily Arsen, which can completely take over a game once activated.

Because Arsen is on a timer, many players find themselves needing to slow the pace of a match down once Joker has his Persona active. This kind of waiting and pace-shifter is unique to the fighter because Arsen buffs all of Joker’s moves severely.

MKLeo, who is considered the best player in the world, was the first to really take Joker to the next level and used the Persona character to capture EVO 2019 and Super Smash Con.

Even if some pros claimed Pikachu was the best to amuse ESAM, the electric mouse is still very strong as ESAM himself managed to capture Glitch 7.

Aside from Pikachu and Joker, some pros had a few interesting takes. 17-year-old Japanese prodigy Sota ‘Zackray’ Okada cited Joker, Zero Suit Samus, and Palutena as the best in the game.

Zero Suit Samus is considered to have the best mobility in the game with her down B having incredible spike potential. Tyler ‘Marss’ Martins, arguably the best ZSS in the world, finished second at GOML, second at CEO 2019, and fourth at Super Smash Con.

NintendoWhen Joker gets Arsen, it’s time to get serious.

Another interesting pick was Snake, mentioned by both James ‘VoiD’ Makekau-Tyson and William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte, although the latter originally said he didn’t care and later changed his vote to Joker.

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Snake’s projectile came is one of the best in the game, with a wall that can be very difficult to penetrate. His up tilt has a lot of kill potential and his recovery pretty much guarantees he will be able to get back to the stage safely. Prior to retiring, Ally, thought to be the best Snake in the world, placed third at CEO 2019, but no other Snake player has had as major success.

It will be interesting to see if any nerfs are implemented to either Joker, Pikachu or Snake in the future given how many pros believe they’re the best in the game.


How to get physical Smash Ultimate fighter invitations with My Nintendo

Published: 14/Jan/2021 20:29

by Michael Gwilliam


Smash Ultimate fans wanting to send an iconic invitation to a friend or family member can now get their chance as physical envelopes can now be shipped through My Nintendo.

A common motif in Smash is characters receiving an “invitation” with the game’s logo to indicate they had been chosen to join the star-studded fighting game.

This has been seen in many DLC fighter announcements such as Terry Bogard’s and Min Min’s trailers where multiple characters fight over the invitation with whoever receives it being added to the roster.

As such, the invitations have become an iconic piece of Smash and video game history, which is saying a lot considering they’re just pieces of paper.

Joker holds smash invitation
The Smash invitation has become a series icon.

Be that as it may, fans can now earn these invitations through My Nintendo for 400 Platinum Points. Each set contains three white, green and blue cards, envelopes and stickers with the Smash logo.

In order to get the invitations, you’ll have to follow these steps:

1) Sign in to your Nintendo Account.
2) Redeem your Platinum Points for the item you’d like to get. You will receive a promo code.
3) Select “Access Now” to visit
4) Select “Add to cart.”
5) Enter the code that you received in the pop-up.
6) Complete your transaction and your item will be shipped to you!

physical smash ultimate cards
The cards come in white, blue and green.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a limited-time item so be sure to grab it while you can. Interestingly, the reward code will expire on March 8, 2021.

The expiry is note-worthy as it could be yet another sign pointing towards the release of DLC fighter 9. As Dexerto has previously reported, there are plenty of indicators so far suggesting that the next character will be released in March.

The next wave of amiibo consisting of Byletyh, Terry and Banjo is scheduled for March and in the past, all amiibo releases have coincided with a DLC fighter reveal.

Fighters Pass Volume 2 spots
Who could the final three fighters be?

March is also when the Tales Of Festival will begin, and signs have pointed to a Tales of Symphonia representative potentially being the next DLC fighter, so this is just one other thing to keep in mind.

In any case, be sure to pick up your own Smash invitations so you can invite whoever you want to the game while you still can.