TSM Leffen wins DreamHack Smash Ultimate despite how much he hates it

Published: 1/Dec/2019 18:29 Updated: 1/Dec/2019 18:52

by Scott Robertson


Smash Bros. Melee legend William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte has never been shy about criticizing Smash Ultimate. During his singles run at DreamHack Winter, he lamented about having to compete all the way until winning the whole tournament.

Just because you’re good at your job, even the best at your job, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to love your job. 

Leffen has been a Smash Bros. pro for years, and is renowned for his accomplishments in Melee. His slaying of the ‘Five Gods’ of Melee (Armada, Hungrybox, Mango, Mew2King, PPMD) propelled him into stardom, landing him sponsorships and a contract with Team SoloMid.

Until now, success in Smash Ultimate has eluded him, but he’s just claimed his first Ultimate title with a win at DreamHack Winter, taking the final series over Ramin ‘Mr.R’ Delshad from beastcoast. But that victory doesn’t change the fact that Leffen still absolutely despises Smash Ultimate.

His sentiments toward Ultimate are not at all new, having just days before DreamHack Winter said he was considering quitting Ultimate, saying on Twitter that there’s simply no way he could hate any game more than he hates Ultimate.

Despite this hatred, Leffen arrived to DreamHack in a competitive mood, downing his first three opponents before falling to his eventual grand finals opponent in Mr.R. Leffen’s impressive play on Pokemon Trainer helped him qualify for the final Singles bracket, but made it clear throughout his run that he was not enjoying himself.

Prior to making top 8, Leffen tweeted that it was still fun to compete despite his feelings toward the game, and expressed excitement toward fueling himself “with pure hatred” for only one more day of Smash Ultimate.

Even after ensuring a top 8 finish, he really tore into Smash Ultimate, calling it a terrible game that produces wins that don’t feel earned, and saying he can’t wait to be done playing in the tournament. He even openly hoped not to win against Rayane ‘Ogey’ Noubli, but ending up winning 3-0 to make the final bracket.

But after avenging his earlier loss to Mr.R in the grand finals, in which he reset the bracket and reverse-swept the second series, Leffen declared that his victory wasn’t just over the competition, but over Smash Ultimate itself. He also claimed he came close to uninstalling the game in the middle of the series.

Following his victory, Leffen apologized for some of his “whiny” comments, reiterating how much Ultimate “triggers” him, and how he can’t help but be passionate about games. He later said that his lack of passion, and the lack of passion he sees from crowds, dissuades him from wanting to play.

With the victory, Leffen claims his first Smash Ultimate championship, but we’ll see if he decides to continue competing in a game he truly despises.


Sora finally joins Smash Ultimate with must-have Kingdom Hearts fighter mod

Published: 22/Jan/2021 0:15

by Michael Gwilliam


Kingdom Hearts’ Sora has long been a fan-favorite candidate for a Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter. For those who can’t wait to see if he gets added, a new mod can let players finally choose the Disney-Square protagonist.

Sora is one of the most popular characters in all of gaming, bridging the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. As such, he has scored incredibly high in Smash Ultimate fighter ballots, with fans craving to see him duke it out with other gaming greats like Mario, Link, Sonic, Solid Snake and more.

While he hasn’t come to Smash yet – and it’s unlikely that he ever will –  talented modder ‘mastaklo’ has crafted one of the best fighter mods yet that finally brings the character to Smash.

Everything about Sora seems to completely match his Kingdom Hearts look, with the Keyblade sword, shorts, hair and shoes. So if you’re a stickler for visual perfection, you’re in luck.

Sora in Smash Ultimate
This could be the only way Sora ever gets added to Smash.

When it comes to gameplay, the mod uses Shulk’s moveset, and was actually originally teased in a leak from December 2020. As Dexerto previously reported, visuals from the mod were posted to a message board, claiming that Sora would be coming to Smash.

Mastaklo told Dexerto that a friend, to whom he’d sent an early build of the mod, ended up posting those photos.

As for when you can download the mod, mastaklo is letting his Patreon supporters have early access, but it will be available for everyone starting February 19.

Sadly, for anyone hoping to actually see Sora come to Smash, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Imran Kahn, a former senior editor for Game Informer, has gone on record saying that Disney Japan prevented Nintendo from adding the character to Smash, which is likely why we got Sephiroth instead.

In any case, at least now fans can finally find a way to use Sora in Smash – just think of him as a Shulk Echo fighter. Who knows, though; with three more DLC packs still to come in Fighters Pass Volume 2, it’s always possible that Sora makes his way to Ultimate in a more official capacity.