Smash Ultimate fans livid as Sakurai relegates Dante to DLC Mii Fighter

Michael Gwilliam
Dante Mii fighter in Smash Ultimate

Fans of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Devil May Cry were heartbroken to see Dante deconfirmed as the final DLC character in Fighters Pass Volume 2, when Sakurai revealed the Capcom icon as a Mii Fighter.

Sakurai shocked viewers on June 28 during the presentation for the newest Smash fighter, Kazuya, by revealing the next batch of Mii fighters were all fan-favorites to make it into the game as full-fledged characters.

In addition to Dante, Sakurai also announced Shantae, Dragonborn from Skyrim, and Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia would all be coming to the game as part of the next Mii Fighter waves.

“A lot of people have been wanting these characters as standalone fighters,” Sakurai said. “They might be surprised to see them playable in this game.”

Dante in particular has been an extremely popular candidate and even rumored for Smash as far back as the first Fighters Pass. Even Devil May Cry’s director, Hideaki Itsuno hinted Dante could make it in back in 2019 with DMC games finally releasing on a Nintendo platform, something Itsuno viewed as a prerequisite for him to join the roster.

Nonetheless, with the Son of Sparda now deconfirmed fully, fans are not happy and have been voicing their displeasure on social media.

Twitch streamer GamesCage had an absolute meltdown during the announcement, crying “noooo” right as the Dante Mii was shown off.

Others were more critical in their tweets. “Why did they make Dante a f***ing Mii?” one user rhetorically asked.

“What the f**k is this?” another wondered and posted a photo of the Dante Mii outfit. “Pain.”

Not everyone was as dramatic, however. Some players took time to respect Sakurai for including Dante in the game to begin with and acknowledge his popularity.

“Huge respect to Sakurai for using the mii fighters to give people reps they’ve been vocal about wanting instead of only more Tekken characters,” SanTheSly wrote.

While it’s technically still possible that Dante could be the final fighter and this Mii was just an elaborate troll, it’s doubtful considering the fact players need to pay money to unlock the outfit.

As for when the final DLC will be revealed, Sakurai himself said that it will be in a while from now, but it will still release before the end of 2021. Just don’t get your hopes up for any of the Mii Fighters to evolve into full DLC characters to round out the pass.

Hopefully, Dante and the rest of the Miis get their chance in the next Smash game, whenever that may be.