Unlikely Smash Ultimate DLC fighters surge ahead in gigantic DLC poll

Published: 15/Feb/2021 20:23

by Michael Gwilliam


A huge Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter ballot remains dominated by one unlikely video game franchise with several characters among the most voted for.

It seems like any character can join the cast of Smash Bros these days, and Ultimate has brought the most newcomers from third-party titles to the roster.

Nintendo’s flagship fighter has gone from being limited to their own IPs to many third-parties such as Persona’s Joker, Minecraft Steve, Cloud, Sonic, Solid Snake, and more. It’s clear Nintendo really meant it when they made Ultimate’s slogan “everyone is here.”

Now, a massive fan ballot has been created where players get to vote on who they want to see come to the game as DLC next. While the contents of Fighters Pass Volume 2 have already been decided, in the event of a third pass, Nintendo could take these votes into consideration.

Smash bros invite
Who will be the next character with a Smash invite?

The “Global Smash Roster” is a highly organized and simple-to-use website that lets users vote on possible DLC fighters. They are all presented in a way that mimics the character select screen from Smash, making it look super unique.

That all said, one character has pulled super far ahead of everyone else, leading by nearly 1,000 votes. That character is Team Fortress 2’s Heavy.

Valve’s Team Fortress 2 remains an iconic shooter with a still-active player base today and it seems like fans really think it deserves a place in Smash history by giving Heavy over 3,000 votes.

Global Smash Roster vote
Heavy is miles ahead of Crash Bandicoot.

For context, Crash Bandicoot sits in second place with just over 2,000, firmly behind the TF2 star. Waluigi and Rayman are neck-and-neck for third and fourth place with around 20 votes separating the two.

While this alone is rather interesting, even more TF2 characters round out the top 12 in votes as both Scout and Soldier has received over 1,200 votes each. With this, the two are able to beat out popular candidates such as Geno, Master Chief, Tails, and Sora.

Could this mean TF2 could come to Smash in a third Fighters Pass? Though unlikely, stranger things have happened, such as Piranha Plant becoming a playable fighter.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts
Sora has under 1,000 votes so far.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Smash, as the next DLC fighter is likely scheduled to be revealed in March. Some theories have suggested Crash Bandicoot will be joining the fight, but Nintendo hasn’t confirmed these rumors just yet.

In any case, hopefully, all of the top candidates get some sort of Smash representation in the near future.


How to watch PlayStation’s next State of Play event: PS5 games, start time, more

Published: 24/Feb/2021 2:50

by Brad Norton


Sony’s next major State of Play event is on the horizon as the PlayStation nation is in store for “deep dives” on a wide array of upcoming titles. From when it all kicks off to what we can expect, here’s everything there is to know.

With a lack of physical events in 2021, gaming industry juggernauts have turned to online events to break the latest news. Hot off the heels of Nintendo’s latest Direct event, Sony is next in line for a huge showcase.

State of Play broadcasts have ranged from smaller indie events to blockbuster hardware reveals. This time around, Sony appears set to focus on upcoming PS4 and PS5 titles.

There were just four State of Play events through 2020 and each focused on major developments for the PlayStation brand. You won’t want to miss the next livestream; here’s how you can tune in.

Ratchet and Clank gameplay PS5
Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart could be a big focus throughout this State of Play.

When is Sony’s next State of Play event?

Sony locked in dates for the next State of Play event in a February 23 announcement. It’s all set to go live on Thursday, February 25 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET / 10 PM GMT.

While no exact duration was announced, Sony expects the upcoming broadcast to run for roughly “30 minutes or so.”

No different from previous events, this State of Play will be streamed live across the official PlayStation YouTube and Twitch channels. We’ve embedded the stream below for your convenience.

Sony confirms State of Play details

While no specific titles were mentioned, Sony confirmed that 10 games will be in focus throughout the upcoming stream. These games will range from indie titles, to third-party developments, and even brand new game announcements.

The event won’t fixate solely on PS5 releases either. A number of the titles on display are coming to both PS4 & PS5, they confirmed in a recent blog post.

There also won’t be an emphasis on “PlayStation hardware or business-focused updates” throughout the stream; this State of Play is about upcoming games.

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay
It could be too early for new information on Horizon Forbidden West.

What to expect from the next State of Play event?

Almost a quarter of the way through the year already, Sony still has a long list of titles set for the coming nine months. It’s safe to assume this State of Play could provide new looks at Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Deathloop, and even Returnal.

It’s likely too early for any considerable updates on the likes of Horizon Forbidden West or the God of War sequel, however. 

With new games set to be revealed though, anything is possible.

We’re yet to hear from Bend Studio, Santa Monica Studio is rumored to be working on a second project, and of course, Naughty Dog has been relatively quiet since the release of The Last of Us Part II. It’s possible we finally see the multiplayer update in action, along with a potential PS5 port.