Smash player suspended for spitting on opponent

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Smash Ultimate player Nicko ‘Nicko’ Bonilla has been suspended for 30 days by 2GGaming after spitting on an opponent during a set at Wednesday Fight Nights on December 18.

A heated set has escalated to physical violence at the weekly Wednesday Fight Nights hosted by 2GGaming, leading to South Californian Shulk main Nicko being suspended from all tournaments for 30 days.

In between their pool matches to qualify for the top 16, Nicko and rival Shawn ‘K9sbruce’ Bruce decided to sit down and play some off-bracket games. K9 had just lost to Erick ‘HLB’ Gamino, Nicko’s friend, with K9 and Nicko getting in an argument over the game.

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Twitter: 2Scoops_NickoNicko has been banned from all 2GG events for a month after spitting on an opponent.

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“K9 was going on and saying how he will beat him next time and making a scene with my friend and everybody there,” Nicko said in a statement. 

“He started saying to me things like “You’re trash and are nothing without Shulk.” I got provoked a little bit at that point and started talking smack to him back.”

The comments got increasingly personal, with the two deciding to duke it out to warm up for top 16. “We then started playing serious games on a setup and were exchanging trash talk throughout the duration of the game,” he said.

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However, after K9 popped off after winning a game, Nicko “got so tensed up to the point where I spat on his arm,” which led to the tensions boiling over.

After stepping away from the game, Nicko went around to apologize to K9. 

“I knew that I messed up and was told by staff to break it up and was told to step outside and talk to them and explained what happened,” he said. “Staff were able to bring K9 outside where I formally apologized to him.”

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Nicko was disqualified from the event on the spot, forfeiting his set against Zachary ‘OR4CL3’ Tanton. In a statement posted to Twitter, 2GGaming also banned the player for a month from all of their events.

“Effective immediately, Nicko will be suspended from all 2GG events for 30 days due to his unsportsmanlike conduct during [Wednesday Fight Night],” it said. 

K9 managed to climb through the Losers Bracket to get into the top 16 making it to the Quarter Finals, where he was knocked out by HLB once again. He finished 5-6th on the night.

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Dexerto has reached out to K9, but the player declined to comment.

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