Smash icon Mew2King addresses accuser’s apology for false rumors in 2012

Michael Gwilliam
Smash God Mew2King and Shigeru Miyamoto

[jwplayer apa2cPQs]Super Smash Bros Melee God Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman has responded after an accuser from 2012 retracted their statement, which alleged the pro had relieved himself in a car.

In a July 5 Facebook post, Neil Goel wrote that the rumors he made about Mew2King in 2012 were “fabrications and twisted retellings.”

Goel explained how, unlike he previously claimed, Mew2King was never naked in his car nor made a scene at a restaurant. “So, why did I make this sh*t up? Because it sounded real,” he said.

“M2K was an easy celebrity target, and I took advantage of his reputation for being socially awkward. Even back then, when the scene was more grassroots – he was still victimized and harassed, yet I knowingly jumped on the bandwagon,” Goel continued.

Mew2King's accuser's statement
Mew2King’s accuser has retracted their statement.

According to the Smasher, he was “jealous” of Mew2King’s skill and popularity. “I spun my tale every chance I got. Just to elicit cheap laughs and look cool. Being young and stupid was no excuse.”

Zimmerman responded to the apology during a Twitch stream on July 8. “Rumors like that hurt my reputation,” he said. “You know what it also did? It allowed other people to continue making up rumors because I already had a damaged reputation from something I didn’t do.”

According to the Melee prodigy, the accusations allowed others to keep making things up and pile lies on top of another.

In a video posted on July 4, Mew2King addressed other rumors that had been spread about him after the 2012 fiasco.

In it, Zimmerman revealed that a botched circumcision he endured as a child made the claims made about him untrue.

According to the Melee God, he is unable to “feel pleasure… or any of that stuff.” It was the first time he had ever revealed his condition to the public.

The fake allegations against Mew2King regained popularity as many within the Smash community were accused and even admitted of misconduct, including major names such as Nairoby ‘Nairo’ Quezada and Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios.