Super Smash Bros players baffled by viral ‘SmashTogether’ dating app – but is it real?

Michael Gwilliam
marth and princess peach in smash bros

Smash players were left in complete shock after a Super Smash Bros dating app emerged on social media, but it turns out it was all just a big hoax.

It’s not necessarily uncommon for people to meet their significant other while playing video games, but a Tinder-like app dedicated to Smash players caught the community completely off guard.

On June 6, images claiming to be from an upcoming dating app dubbed ‘SmashTogether’ emerged on X, promising to give players an opportunity to meet their dream partner.

“Introducing SmashTogether, the premium dating site for Super Smash Bros enjoyers of all kinds,” the fake app proclaimed. “Meet your dream Doubles partner (in and out of Smash) with our robust matchmaking algorithm, tailored to connect you with your ideal Smash Partner.”

Screenshots showed off the app’s supposed interface with user profiles highlighting their “notable wins,” their mains, region, ranking, and some brief info about them.

The post quickly went viral, amassing nearly 1M views in under a day, but for all the wrong reasons and players didn’t seem interested in joining the app at all.

“The first dating app to have 0 women on it,” one wrote.

“We need to bring back bullying,” remarked another.

smash bros dating app

“This is so f**king funny if it’s a joke and so unbelievably terrible if it’s real,” someone else chimed in.

Luckily, the app is indeed fake. The ‘SmashTogether’ page has since updated its location to “satire” indicating that it was just a hoax, but that stop it from being shared far and wide by some of the top names in Smash.

Team Liquid star HungryBox reacted to the fake application by urging his viewers to share their worst Smash pickup lines. “The winner will be banned from all of my social media platforms effective immediately,” he joked.