Sky Williams allegedly lied about father’s cancer & owes $350K

Michael Gwilliam
Smash content creator Sky Williams

[jwplayer apa2cPQs]Super Smash Bros content creator and tournament organizer Sky Williams is under fire for allegedly lying about his father’s cancer and apparently owes the community over $350,000.

The disgraced content creator has already had a slew of accusations over incidents that are said to have occurred at the “Sky Mansion” involving multiple Smash personalities. Now, he’s being accused of lying about his father’s cancer too.

In a massive Twitlonger, Spencer Samuelson claimed that Williams not only owes him $55,000, but obtained the cash in a nefarious way.

“Sky and I go way back to the Brawl days, I’ve known him since 2008,” Samuelson wrote. He said that in 2017, Sky approached him completely out of the blue claiming he was in debt to the IRS.

“He told me he would go to prison and his career would be over unless he received a significant amount of money. After several back and forth messages, I eventually agreed to lend him 55,000 dollars,” Samuelson said. “Instead of taking the money I lent him to pay off his debts he decided to use it to rent out the infamous Sky Mansion. That place only exists because I funded it not knowing the kind of person he had become.”

According to Samuelson, Williams never paid back a cent. Additionally, he alleges that Sky spent money that had been loaned for his dad’s cancer treatment on “cosmetic penis surgery” and that his dad was never sick to begin with.

What’s more, Samuelson claims that instead of paying him or other people he owes money to back, the Smash star would use the capital to “treat his roommates to free dinners, free video games and even free trips to Vegas which included him buying a couple roommates hotel rooms.”

Spencer isn’t the only person that Sky owes money to either. Multiple major names including Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles and League of Legends caster Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare, the latter of which “confirmed” Williams’ debt at around $360,000.

In a series of tweets late at night on July 7, Williams claimed he was, in fact, in debt and had no savings or credit.

“I still think it’s my duty to release the full and complete statement of the ‘Sky House’ and the activities therein,” he wrote. “Nothing will ever justify the pain I’ve caused, but my hope is that it shows you that I am not a monster, though I’ve caused the same pain as one.”

Williams has claimed he will be posting a large Google Doc addressing the allegations: “It’s taking a long time because this isn’t a document about defending me, its about the raw truth – and making sure that everything I’m saying is just the facts of the matter takes a LOT of time, but I’m getting it done.”

In any case, Sky’s story is just the latest in a series of accusations that have rocked the Smash scene in recent weeks. Notably, Smash legends Nairoby ‘Nairo’ Quezada and Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios confessed to allegations against them and have since gone dark on social media.